Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mega Man 10 Releases On Xbox 360 Today

Good news, 360 owners: the wait is over. A bit later today, Mega Man 10 will be made available for download straight off the Xbox Live Market Place across all three regions (North America, Europe and Japan) for 800 Microsoft Points.  Further, to compensate for the near month long wait, the Xbox is being graced with a downloadable premium theme:

The theme will set you back a mere 240MS Points.

And with that, do enjoy Mega Man 10! Feel free to share your opinions and the like in the comments.


  1. We have the premium theme here in Canada...

  2. Awesome. Now all that's left is the downloadable content. Five more days, just FIVE more days, and the Bass Mode and Enker Special Stage will be released. I could hardly stand the wait...!

  3. Oh come on... that theme is badass, I'd get it in a second! No love for the US?!

    And did anyone else notice that the sprite of Mega Man sliding is present in the theme? How curious. Especially all the Rockman 9 and 10 (thus far) promotional materials/etc. have made sure to never include any sprites of Mega Man sliding.

  4. Finally i can play this awesome game!!! 7 more days for Bass mode in xbox.

  5. WOW awesome theme I think the wii version need that outlook well if thats possible....


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