Monday, March 22, 2010

Capcom Reveals Mega Man 10 Special Stages, Bosses

After much anticipation, Capcom finally pulled the wraps off of the upcoming download special stages for Mega Man 10, which feature the Mega Man Killers of GameBoy Mega Man fame as bosses:

According to Capcom, the time attack special stages will be available throughout April beginning April 5 (along with Bass DLC). Stages cost 100 WiiPoints, 80 MS points, and $1.00 on PSN. Below, the official press release description for each special stage:

  • Special Stage 1 will be available the week of April 5th. For Special Stage 1, we have Enker, the first of the Mega Man killers. He was created by Dr. Wily and has completely devoted himself to Mega Man’s destruction. Some of you might remember him from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge where he appears after the second set of Robot Masters. Mirroring his pokey appendages, there’s a variety of spiky hazards Mega Man will have to avoid in this particular stage. The drill robot for instance will launch a threat from underground, so watch out!
  • Special Stages 2 and 3 will be available the week of April 26th. Special Stage 2's boss is second Mega Man Killer Punk, also created by Dr. Wily. He was designed to be bigger than Enker in size and his special attack is a rapid spinning tackle. Now folks are going to be tempted to rush through on these stages because they are timed, but be careful because the Parabombs in this stage will make life hell for you. 
  •  And finally for the Special Stage 3 we have Ballade, the third Mega Man Killer created after Enker and Punk.  This robot is enormously proud of himself and he will not give up easily, even he’s close to death! Make sure to watch out for the fierce attacks he unleashes from high jumps. His stage requires smart decision-making because a series of conveyer belts and diverse traps will challenge the most masterful Mega Man pro.

[via Capcom Unity]


  1. Sweet! I love to see these kinda throwbacks. Now let's see a remake of megaman 5 for GB like Castlevania Adventure ReBirth

  2. ^ Win.

    And new artwork for the Killers! Hope there is for their weapons too.

  3. As I said about the Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch video, this is awesome beyond words. At least this time around, the Special Stage bosses aren't disappointing, unlike Fake Man in Mega Man 9.

  4. I knew about this before (like many others), but seeing the art and screenshots is awesome.

    Still, it makes me wish they had included Sunstar. I know he's not a Mega Man Killer, but still...

    Glad they left out Quint, though. He's better left forgotten. Completely.

  5. ...But one thing I DO find disappointing, however, is that Mega Man is STILL the only one who's playable in Time Attack and the other modes. I don't know about anyone else, but I would have LOVED to see Bass and Ballade square off, since the two of them both consider themselves to be the "strongest", and everything, but maybe that's just me.

  6. I liked Fake Man, but when everyone was hoping for Bass as the boss, I can see what you mean.

    But I wonder, why didn't they change the "RKN" to "MKN" at the bottom of the pictures, when they do say "Mega Man Killer" at the top...?

  7. I can't wait for round 2 against these guys!

  8. I wish they could add these levels to the main game. Like make them extra Wily stages. After you reach the space station

  9. @Josh

    This is the killer's third non spin-off appearance after their respected titles and MegaMan V (GB).

  10. @Alfredo

    I agree. But Capcom has to make their extra money somehow, lol...

  11. @Alfredo:

    I agree. I was happy to see that there was at least two castles in the game like I had hoped, but at the same time, I was a bit disappointed that it only turned out to be one stage in that second castle, but at least it was still more than the amount of stages in Mega Man 9.


    I don't mind that too much, other than the fact that only Mega Man is playable in the Time Attack mode, and as a result, he's the only one who could fight the three Mega Man Killers. I would have loved to go through those stages as Proto Man and Bass. I'd especially like to see Bass fight against Ballade, since both characters consider themselves to be the "strongest", hate fighting with weak opponents, etc.

  12. ...That's weird, I could have sworn I posted at least two other comments on this, but for some reason, they didn't show up. Did they not get approved, or something? Ah, well. I guess I'll post it again.

    The Mega Man Killers' Special Stages is an excellent concept and all, but I still wish that more than just Mega Man was playable in the Time Attack mode.

  13. ...Actually, you know what? Disregard the third comment. Sorry about that.

  14. @TrenoNeoKnight:
    Enker also appeared in Rockboard as a card, and is the penultimate boss in Mega Man's Soccer.

  15. Krazy Monkey is right, i was hoping to kick the megaman killers asses using Bass.

  16. @Anon 4

    The whole point of my statement was to clarify this is MM's third time fighting them excluding spin-offs, not to go into detail of all of their appearances.

  17. Wasn't the 2nd MM killer Quint? I thought it went Enker, Quint, Punk, then Ballade.

    Maybe it's cause Inafune is on record saying how much he hated MMII for the game boy!!

  18. who is RKN 000 then?

  19. @HardMAN:

    Yeah, so was I, but I'm not too surprised to see that it isn't the case. But maybe someday, someone will develop a code to play as Proto Man and Bass in Time Attack and the other modes. That, I'd LOVE to see. In fact, I'm still waiting for that to happen with Proto Man in Mega Man 9.

  20. @Anon -

    There is no RKN.000, and Quint is officially not a Mega Man Killer. Neither is Sunstar.

    @Krazy Monkey -

    Same with me! I made a comment and it never showed up, and I've never not been approved by Protodude. I'm guessing it was just a glitch or something. :(

  21. @Treno

    Thanks, I forgot that you faced them again in that game and I own the game. :(

    Here's to round 3!!! =D


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