Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More MM10 Bass Mode Details

Capcom's Jgonzo has come through with a handful of details in regards to Mega Man 10's Bass mode in the form of a Q&A session between fans:

Ash: I have a question! Does Bass have the same weaknesses he does in Mega Man & Bass -- namely, he can't run while shooting (he has to stay still) and his shots can't travel through walls (except when in Treble Boost mode)?

jgonzo: Bass plays almost exactly as he did in Mega Man & Bass, so of course, he inherits all of his weaknesses from that game. First off, his damage per shot is roughly half that of Mega Man’s (to compensate for his rapid fire ability). He also can’t run and shoot like Mega Man, which makes him “stickier” to play as. Finally, Bass’ shots do not travel through walls a la Mega Man’s.
In short, yes, the weaknesses from Mega Man & Bass carry over.

LBD_Nytetrayn: Here's my question: does Bass get a story mode to call his own? Or is he simply "there" just because?

jgonzo: Yes, Bass gets his own story later on in the game.

Travis: Why doesn’t he have his Double jump?

jgonzo: Bass is a 16-bit era creation. With Mega Man 9, and now Mega Man 10, we wanted to go back to Mega Man’s 8-bit roots and present a true 8-bit retro experience. Bass had to be redesigned for this 8-bit world and unfortunately, his double jump was a victim of this process.

Specs: How is the dash performed? Double-tap a direction? Down + Jump? Both? Will Dash + Jump carry him further than a normal jump?

jgonzo: Down and jump! No double tap in this one, but yes it will carry him further than a regular jump.

More after the break!

Gunslinger: Is Bass’ mode like Proto Man was in MM9, or is he added to the list of playable characters you can choose from, like Proto Man is in this game? Finally, are any of his special weapon effects any different from the other two?
jgonzo: Yep! He’s added from the player select screen, just like Proto Man. As for special weapon effects, they’re the same.

wesome X: Will there ever be another megaman fighting game?
jgonzo: I hope so! Can you imagine a Super Street Fighter IV style Mega Man fighting game? Actually, I'd imagine it would be more like Power Stone, with its frantic, chaotic gameplay.

Cxplorer: What is the story behind Bass in Mega Man 10?
jgonzo: I can't tell you folks everything! You’ll find out soon enough. Suffice to say that Bass is always trying to prove that he’s the best, but we all know he has a soft spot somewhere inside.

A1-Steak: I wonder if Bass has altered RM weapon mods. (like the Tri Blade would be different, something like Blade Slash)… i noticed in the video preview image, Bass is shooting three shots. i assume thats blade man's weapon.. and it seems to be more armor oriented mods as it allowing him to fly around.
jgonzo: Unfortunately, he does not different special weapons that he obtains from robot masters. However, the flying around and shooting three shots scenario is actually Bass using Treble’s power.

Dante: Does Bass take more damage than Megaman and can he shoot through walls?
jgonzo: No, he doesn’t take more damage and no, he cannot shoot through walls.

RagingDemon015: Considering the wide variety of abilities Bass wields, will the difficulty remain the same upon using him?
jgonzo: The difficulty will be the same, but see the first question earlier about his weaknesses.

Korudo: Since Mega Man is the most basic of the three, and Proto Man is the power house, does this mean that Bass has the weakest attack power? Most Important: What are the differences in gameplay between Bass in "Mega Man & Bass" and "Mega Man 10", if any?
jgonzo: Bass’s shots are substantially weaker, but again, he has rapid fire to make up for this. The major difference between Bass in Mega Man & Bass and Mega Man 10 is the removal of his double jump.

Jameson: I'm not sure if this is entirely on topic for your questions, but why did you opt to make Bass/Treble a new set of sprites instead of using the already existing 8-Bit sprites from Battle & Fighters?
jgonzo: Anything Bass is on topic!! Battle & Fighters’ visuals are very different than Mega Man 10’s, so it’s likely that the design team chose to build the sprites from the ground up to match Mega Man 10’s aesthetics.

Saje: I know he can slide and can only shoot standing still, but can he also shoot the special weapons in any direction?
jgonzo: No he cannot, and again, I think it’s due to the classic 8-bit gameplay elements that the team wanted to maintain.

NES Boy: Hey, you didn't change the the "G" (for Gospel) at 0:26 of the video to a "T" (for Treble)! I suggest you go back to whatever you used to edit the Japanese trailer for the English version and change it to the proper letter representing the English name. NOW!!!!!!!!
jgonzo: That G stands for GREAT support character…you buy that? No? OK. Moving on...

c-murph: Does Bass know the answer to the Mega Man 9 secret?
jgonzo: *muffled sounds* No, never.

GameDemonKing: Now, will there be any easter eggs when you play as Bass?
jgonzo: Define “easter egg”


  1. Well, at least this'll finally put an end to people (*COUGH*PROTOMANFANBOYS*COUGH*) saying that Bass is over-powered.

  2. "build from the ground up"? Not quite, it's clearly a MM edit.

    When asked where Bass was in MM9, the standard answer was "he's being upgraded" ... but with the double jump removed it's more of a downgrade.

  3. it wasnt an upgrade rather adjustements probably repairs:


  4. @Gauntlet101010:

    EXACTLY. And not to mention the fact that Bass' supposed "upgrade", "adjustment", or whatever you'd like to call it, had ZERO RELEVANCE to Mega Man 10's storyline, even in his own.

  5. Forte/Bass and Rockman/Megaman are both my favorite characters. :)

  6. Mega Man & Bass where "nerfed" while Proto Man got all the upgrades for him. (He needed them anyway, as he has a unstable energy source and takes double damage in MM9 & 10, needing his shield more them ever. Despite his "energy bug", his dying explosion isn't bigger :P)

  7. No double jump. Because of the 8 bit mold.

    y'see, this is exactly why Im against 16 bit X. shit like that is going to apply there too.

    hmm. Its really sad that a fan group can make a better Forte and Gospel sprite than Capcom can.

  8. I can't fathom hy 8-bit would mean there's no double jump.

    He should just be honest. Double jumping would make the game very easy. It's made for a non-sliding, non-charging MM primarily so naturally double jumping would eleminate many of the challenges.

  9. Yeah, especially when the dash lets you jump farther.

    I kinda like the Treble/Gospel sprite.
    But Bass...yeah, definitely needs work.

  10. - When Bass was massively requested by fans, they didn't see or realize his 8-bit form, in terms of gameplay and limitations. Now we have a playable Bass, but downgraded and crounched into an annoying 8-bit form. Heck, perhaps playing as Roll would be more interesting... -_-;;

  11. Playing as Auto, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Eddie, Tango or Reggae would be better. XD

  12. Bass may not have a double jump in 10, but he's still fun to play as. His dash-jump is great for speeding through areas, and Treble Boost presents you with a great deal of aerial freedom while its energy lasts. Double jumping would break TB's usefulness more than anything.


    What's more disappointing is his lack of story in his mode. He has less cutscenes than Protoman and Megaman, and though he does have a little dialog, it tells you next to nothing about why he's fighting. It really just raises more questions (like where does Treble get that vaccine from?) It's like they gave him some lines so he could sound cool, but there's no real plot involved... It doesn't seem like there's anything more than the same "I'm the strongest!" thing that JGonzo mentioned.

  13. @fabiano, actually it would have probably been copied from this Rockman 1 Cell-phone game that had Roll as a an unlockable character:

  14. Awesome!!! looks like Bass gameplay is going to be a lot funnier than megaman and protomans.

  15. Just out of curiosity, what do the other 2 Treble items do? Are they basically the Bass equivelent of Beat and Eddie?

  16. @Skuller:

    Seconded. In Mega Man & Bass, I actually found him to be a lot more fun to play as than Mega Man. For some reason, it's always been like that for me; preferring to play as other characters over the main one. It's the same case in the Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Genesis, where I found Knuckles to be more fun to play as than Sonic.

    @Anonymous #4: The other two Treble items play similar roles to Beat and Eddie. One of them will have Treble dive after Bass if he falls down a bottomless pit, and save him. The other one has Treble deliver items.


    I'm on board with what you're saying for the most part, but exactly what is there to remove/downgrade in the X series? Mega Man X, as far as I know, has always had the same moveset ever since X1. Run, jump, shoot, and dash. Zero, ever since Mega Man X4, has had a completely different moveset, in addition to being able to double-jump. I'm pretty sure his moveset (the double-jump, included) would be easy to emulate in 16-bit hardware. Especially since Mega Man & Bass was originally for the Super Nintendo, and Bass was able to do that.

  17. Treble Rescue basically does what Beat does, you temporarily use the Treble Boost form to get out of a pit. When you use it your color palette stays about the same, so it's good for seeing different color schemes for Treble Boost.

    Treble Item has Treble teleporting in to give you a random item, but as I recall, only one. Eddy tosses out about 5 I think, so he's still the superior delivery boy.

  18. - A great dash jump, activated with down+jump only? It must be... :(

  19. Really? ._.

    You guys are STILL complaining? Even after you have Base, WITH a story mode? Seriously?

    Come ooonnn, how much more do you people want? It's a 10$ game! (Around 20$ with all the DLC). Some of you even got it for free. *Cough* Pirates. *Cough*.

    Man, I swear, Mega Man fans are some of the weirdest and hardest to please.

    Be happy for once! You got Bass! He is almost exactly the same as Rock Man and Forte! He even can morph with Treble! Not to mention he's got his own story. Seriously, quit your babying and have fun...

    It's a game...


  20. @Mocho:

    Oh, believe me. The Sonic fanbase is MUCH worse. There are people who've been literally complaining about the fact that Sonic has green eyes in Sonic 4. Nevermind the fact that they didn't use his classic design like they've led people to think; the REAL issue is that his eyes are green!

    Also, don't get me wrong. I'm VERY excited to see that Bass is in Mega Man 10, but still... The way they kicked people in the nuts in Mega Man 9, isn't a wound that can quickly heal. First of all, I could think of several reasons as to why the "upgrade"/"adjustment" thing doesn't add up, which I've already stated somewhere here:


    Secondly, they made it seem as if that was meant to foreshadow something big, but it didn't. There was no epic showdown between Mega Man and Bass like I had hoped, Bass did not ONCE mention wanting to destroy Mega Man in the game, or anything like that. That had absolutely NOTHING to do with the plot at all. He had NOTHING to show for his so-called "upgrade"/"adjustment". He was pretty much left out of the game for nothing.

    Again, don't get me wrong... I'm still happy that he's in the game in the first place, but at the same time, I'm somewhat disappointed.

  21. Bass gameplay sounds like fun, and his dash sprite is just epic.

  22. @ Krazy Monkey

    Yeah, I know what you mean about the Sonic fans. Since, I'm a bigger fan of Sonic then I am of Mega Man.. And that's saying something!

    I agree with you, I was hopping there would be a showdown with Bass and Mega Man, and something a bit more story oriented.. But my expectations were rather low. When you look at the story lines for the earlier games, they were rather limited... The best 8-bit storyline was Mega Man 5.

    7 and 8, however, had more in depth story lines. Yeah, it's a lame excuse for why they wouldn't focus more on the story in the 9 and 10.

    Although, I'm more disappointing at the fact they did not have a 2 Player mode in the game! That would have been the greatest game-play in any Mega Man game. Co-Op anyway. At least I have Mega Man 2 Two-Player to look forward to. (Fan Game)

    :3 Though what I am looking forward to most, is if Mega Man is in the next Smash Bros. Along with Sonic. The Blue Blur vs The Blue Bomber!

  23. Maybe Wily dragged out Bass' maintenance so he wouldn't get in Wily's way during MM9 like he does in MM&B and MM10.

  24. @Mocho

    I hear ya brother. Co-op is far over due. My other issue is the lack of story. I'd like to see them progress into better storylines as they did in MM7, 8, and MM&B. And where can I get this MM2 co-op fan game when it's released? Point me in the right direction please.


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