Monday, March 22, 2010

A Single New Zero Collection Screen

While the flux about Zero Collection news might be slow for the time being, here's a little something to keep your appetites whet. Online retailer Rakuten has gotten a hold of (small) screenshot from the game's Collection Mode (right), and from the looks of it, depicts a menu screen from the Mod Card Collection sub-mode.

As previously reported, the Mod Card Collection mode not only features illustrations from the games, but can also be used in Zero 3 to modify gameplay elements and graphics. The card depicting here is said to alter Zero 3's title screen when activated.

Check out a detailed listing of all of Z3's mod cards here. See the effects of the modification cards in action here.


  1. Hey, couldn´t you just get smaller pics....??

  2. So its actually going to have the modifier? not just artwork? thats a plus. that alone makes me CONSIDER buying it.

  3. Consider? It's 4 great games in 1, and if the Z3 cards are usable, I'd buy this as soon as it is released in English (if I have enough money :P), and if no content from the originals where removed, like Z2-Z4 mini-games and the EXE enemies in Z3's Cyberspace.

  4. I will buy it if they put the mmbn virii in.


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