Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RUMOR: Zero Collection Releasing In Japan On May 27?

A few weeks back, we learned that Capcom chose to delay Rockman Zero Collection to an unspecified release date (originally slated to release April 22).  However, rumor has it that Amazon Japan is sending out an invoice to Zero Collection customers that the game will ship May 27.  Amazon's page for the game, however, still shows the release as TBA.

The reason for the delay in the first place wasn't divulged into, but a note over at the game's official website alludes to "developmental issues." Some fans speculate the delay might be due to the developers opting to add additional features to the game, or perhaps they've run into some struggles.

In any case, I've marked this one as a rumor until Capcom officially announces the new release date. Thanks to reader ShinNeo for the tip.


  1. I don't really mind as long as it comes out eventually.

  2. "Developmental issues", huh? Oh ho ho. Does anyone remember what happened to Mega Man Mania when THAT got delayed? I wouldn't be surprised if history repeated itself again this time around.

  3. I really hope that capcom will update the soundtrack because I don't want this


    I don't understand why capcom wants to release the game on DS instead of wiiware/XBL/psn

    I wanna play my games on tv !

  4. I really hope that the game still comes out in the U.S and this summer still, cause I've never played these games before and I really want to.

  5. This is very uplifting news. Zero series is my next must have after GoW III.

  6. Additional features, plz... Make this worth my buy, plz.

  7. Consider the money for this investment SAVED.

  8. Sure wish Amazon USA would let us pre-order.

  9. Anon 1, name a single handheld-native/only game thats on WiiWare -_-;;; And why on PSN/XBL? IT's a GBA-native game. Can't give everyone everything.

    Me? I just hope we get this. I really, really, really goddamn hope we get this.

  10. If this has the rumored Z3 modifier, then I might CONSIDER getting it.
    (some other additions would be nice too. And I dont mean a crappy gallery of art we can easily get on google or MMN)

    I already have 1, 3, and 4... so unless Z-collection actually proves to be worth re-buying 1, 3, and 4, Im really just better off looking for 2 on ebay or amazon...

  11. @Anon:
    "This is very uplifting news. Zero series is my next must have after GoW III."

    So a gigantic next-gen game is now considered the same level as some shoddy GBA-port collection with just an Art Gallery as "new features?"

    That made me laugh.

  12. @ Saito: I sort of agree with what you're trying to say, but to be fair, he DID say 'Zero Series'.

    If he's a big enough fan of the series in general, then yeah, that could automatically push it up to actual next-gen game level for him. It's probably what an actual new EXE game would do for the both of us.

    No need to ridicule everyone you come across over their preferences.

  13. @ Alilatias yeas i was refering more-or-so to series on a non technical kinda way. Zero on the same level as Kratos for me on a charector level, plus i don't actually own any of the zero game so yeah this is a must have in my book.

  14. @Alilatias

    When Capcom finally steps up their game and gets back to actually MAKING Rockman games (that means, not doing GBA ports or stupid NES ROM hacks of Rockman 2 being called "Rockman 10" or so on), then I'll have nothing bad to say about people who are ACTUALLY looking forward to garbage like Zero Collection, EXE OSS, Rush Marine and RM10.

  15. &Saito:

    Whoa, whoa. Hold the phone. Let me just get something straight, here. So, you're just going to go badmouthing everybody who's looking forward to something that's different from YOUR personal preferences? Congratulations, Saito. Once again, you've proven yourself to be a disrespectful prick.

  16. @Krazy:

    And you're just proving that you're a fanboy.

    Your point?

    If something sucks, then something sucks.

    Not my fault Capcom's fucked up their franchise, and people are too hard-headed to see it.

  17. @ Krazy precisly, for me the Zero series was the best handheld megaman pre-battle network. the games give a nice Zero experience.
    @Saito A great HANDHELD experience, and should be treated as such, its a great port..get over it.

  18. @Saito better than a hater. You seem to be the only one who is against the zero series port.

  19. If they release this game is it have the same mode or addon in MMZ3 that needed a MMBN or they saving it for OSS.

  20. @Saito:

    I'm a fanboy? How so? I'm not a huge fan of the Zero and Battle Network/.EXE series, either, but do you see ME going around, ridiculing everybody because of their preferences? That's pretty much all I've seen you do lately; treat people like they're stupid, because of their opinions. Newsflash: There are people in this world who will NOT always be on the same page as you. Get over it, and stop being such an arrogant prick. Your opinions do NOT make you better than anyone else.

  21. @Saito Just because you have a wang the size of an ant, doesn't mean you need to bitch about everyone else. There's a new thing called "opinion" out, you know. Just because you dislike something, doesn't mean everyone ELSE dislikes it. Now go troll somewhere else please.

  22. @ Saito:

    While I am in general support of your argument, your method of expressing it is something that I absolutely disagree with.

    You and I dislike Capcom's current handling of the Rockman franchise. Fine.

    However, it would appear that you are taking it to a personal level, even attacking that Anon from out of nowhere for his personal preferences.

    You know who else does crap like that? Back in the pre-release SSB Brawl days over at GameFAQs, there was massive support to have Rockman in the game. So Rockman fans from all over flood into the few threads that drummed up support. One thread asked what was our first game and series.

    It later turned into a bloodbath when some elitist X and Classic fantards started attacking -everyone- that started with EXE and Legends. It got so bad that one of them even asked me to commit suicide.

    And more recently, that Darth Maver fool at TMMN that personally attacked nearly everyone that openly admitted to liking anything about the Network Timeline. He's since disappeared, and I'm glad for that.


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