Thursday, March 25, 2010

Additional Kotobukiya Rockman Figure Details

Capcom's Rockman 10 site updated with a small page that provides a few additional details about Kotobukiya's forthcoming Rockman figure.

According to the blurb, the figure will stand at 1/10 in scale (around 5 inches in height), with 20 points of articulation. Furthermore, a set of accessories will be included such interchangeable buster projectiles ('normal' and 'charged'), an E-Tank and some decals.

Capcom is still mum on a price and a specific release date, but the page does allude to a release sometime this September. Of note, the page indicated that the design featured is still a prototype, and as such, the final product may slightly differ in appearance.

Thanks for the tip, Nicholas.


  1. If it really is 130mm, then it is actually a 1/10.153846153846.... scale

  2. My god it looks so awesome!!!, I'd kill for a Bass figure like that.

  3. That charge shot looks like a ribbed dildo.

  4. This one, especially if it gets painted, looks really well done compared to those Trade Figures.

    If the price is reasonable, I might even actually import this one.

  5. Proto, Bass, Wily, Light, Roll and Auto should have figures like that too, with Rush, Eddie, Beat, Tango, Reggae and Mets as extras.

  6. "includes a set of accessories"

    Well why didn't you say so?!
    Now I'm 90% sure I want this!

  7. I agree with what the last anonymous user said. They should totally make more of these for the other characters!


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