Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Rockman 10 Promo Illustration

For your viewing pleasure, here's the official Japanese "poster art" for Rockman 10 that was revealed during a recent press conference. It's perfect wallpaper size, too, so have a look:

The illustration will be used in future promotions such as a mock game package for the forthcoming "Rockmanju" candy, as seen below:

Thanks to Jimb0 for the tip!

Sources: Dengenki Online,


  1. Just cool for a wallpaper

  2. I LOVE how MegaMan's pose is now EXACTLY like X's early X1 pose. :D
    Compare this
    with MegMan's pose in the promo art. XD

    I donno, I think it might be a bit redundant. But then again, it IS Mega Man, after all. So I'm not complaining here. Just noticing the similarity of the poses. ;)

  3. @N64Mario84: Nice find! I thought I recognized that pose somewhere.

    Proto Man's right foot must be really small, haha...

  4. Everyone is using their Busters on their left hands so they can use their right hands to eat manju. I generally eat manju with my right hand, so I know the feeling.

    As for the price, it is not that expensive considering all things. Sure you are only getting 6 in a pack with a price where you would expect about 8. But the box is worth the extra bit.

  5. The thing is where can we buy the manju?

  6. Thats what I am talking about!!! A beautiful Japanese artbox (candy) and poster. Its perfect. Look at USA version of Megaman 9 and Megaman 10.. They are sick and ugly!!! Japanese rocks!

  7. D'awwwww, I'd totally use that for a wallpaper, if Valve hadn't recently made that picture of the iSandvich. D:

  8. After reading Anon#3's comment...

    Geez, there's still people out there who don't get that the US art is intentionally "bad" for the sake of poking fun at the truly terrible US covers from MM1 and MM2?

    Is that really that hard to understand? It's tongue-in-cheek, people! How many other video game companies do you know that can poke fun at themselves like this?

    -That- is part of what makes Capcom so awesome.

  9. Anon3 is a weeaboo.

  10. @GeminiSaint,

    You are fake as well then.

    @Anonymous #4,

    Watch your attitude.. you monster!!! Its the truth.. Look at Capcom of USA's lazy drawing of Megaman.. Its ugly. Japanese version is a beauty and its awesome, man!

  11. WOW the artwork is good like anime from its roots well the NA artwork is not apprecited by many but if you look at the history of Megaman I think its because of that art is a trend back then I guess.

  12. @Anonymous#5 and #6;

    You guys are absolutely right!

    Well, at least I'm home. Gotta keep it in perspective. :)

    @Anonymous #4,

    You're being extremely inappropriate


    I never thought the day would come, but I agree with Anonymous #5. It's a truthful!

  13. I'm fake? What's that supposed to mean?

    Um, how old are you anyway? I'm guessing not old enough to really get it... >_>

    For the record, I -DO- love Inafune & Co.'s "anime-style" artwork. I really do, and I absolutely, positively understand that's the true Mega Man design (seriously, I don't think anyone in the entire world thinks differently on that respect). Still, that doesn't prevent me one bit from appreciating Gerald de Jesus' retraux cover art for what it is: a fun celebration of how Mega Man used to be packaged in his humble beginnings in the US.

  14. sure is trolling in here


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