Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get Equipped With RM10 Wallpapers

The Japanese Rockman 10 site is celebrating the game's domestic release this week with a brand-new wallpaper for your desktop, which features none other than the game's three playable characters (Rockman, Blues and Forte) posing against a stylish background adorned with 8-bit sprites:

Capcom also released a high resolution version of that spiffy illustration from the other day for wallpaper use as well. Available sizes and download links here.

Thanks for the tip, Thomas


  1. Not bad, but I definitely think that the Japanese Rockman 10 boxart made a better-looking wallpaper than this one.

  2. Thanks! Thats what I am looking for. This is one I really like! Thanks again!

  3. I can't seem to find the high-resolution backgrounds at that link. I see the pictures, but they are all quite small.

  4. @Khoshoro:

    Supposedly, if you save them, they'll be proper wallpaper size.

  5. It'd be really cool if they had a MM Killer wallpaper with original art...


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