Friday, March 12, 2010

Toys R Us Deal - Buy One Mega Man Vinyl, Get Second Half Off

Reader Terry sends words that Toys R Us' online store is running a special deal on the Mega Man and Proto Man vinyl figures by Jazwares. For a limited time, purchasing one vinyl figure warrants the option of 50% off the price of another: buy one for the full price of $9.99, get the other for $4.95. Not too bad of a deal if you've been looking to buy both figures in one fell swoop.

There's no specific date when the offer expires, but the deal ends once stock runs out. Better hurry!

Thanks again, Terry.

[via Toys R Us]


  1. Are the other JUVIs coming this month?.

  2. The only thing is, after shipping and tax, It comes out to be the same price.


    Anyone seen those cool Iron Man 3.75 figures? They're amazing and they're $6.99! Why Can't Jazwares get off their high horse and mark their products down?

  3. It's fell, not fowl. One fell swoop. Fowl doesn't even make sense.

  4. Axtually, Pluvius, fowl IS a word.

    But you ARE right about it not making sense in that context, though.

  5. Lol, well I corrected it. I have no idea what I was thinking. Brain fart or something.

  6. Foul...;)
    Anyway back to the products, yeah i wish shipping wasn't bad. Damn i can never get good megaman products where i live.


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