Friday, March 12, 2010

Mega Man 2 In The Wizard

So I checked out The Wizard for the first time the other day, and was pleasantly surprised by a (very, very) brief Mega Man 2 cameo towards the end of the film. I guess 2005's Rockman EXE animated feature wasn't the first time the Blue Bomber graced silver screens.

Check it out after the break....

MM2 at the 1:10 mark.

Did you spot the inaccuracy?  We're left to assume Jimmy was playing the game on a Nintendo PlayChoice 10 arcade system, right? Nit-picky fans will note that MM2 wasn't ever featured on the PlayChoice 10, however, Mega Man 3 was. You can read more about that here.


  1. "Hey Babe! Keep the change

    Aah the golden age where gaming was cool, I'm still missing it

  2. Actually, its more of a silver age of gaming. The golden age was back in the 70s and early 80s that ended with the video game crash. Of course, thanks to Nintendo, games came back for the new generations to enjoy

  3. That was a hell of a blast of the past!

    Just looking at myself back in time watching that movie while enjoying with GI Joe action fugures at the same time LOL

  4. i saw someone watching Couple's Retreat the other day, and i noticed that rockman.exe appears on the in-car dvd players in the beginning of the film. i laughed a bit.

  5. Anyone Notice that there were different shooting SFX placed over it?


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