Monday, March 15, 2010

In-Depth Gigamix 2 Summary/Review

Rockman Perfect Memories is featuring a lenghty in-depth overview of volume 2 in the Rockman Gigamix comic series, which covers largely everything you'd ever want to know about the story, cast and a whole lot more.

High resolution scans and illustrations are provided alongside the plot summary, so this is a pretty good alternative to reading this currently Japan-only anthology (that is to say, unless Udon gets their hands on it eventually).

All in all, it's a great review, totally worth a read if you've got some time on your hands. Check it out here.


  1. What he said about Terra's/Earth's summon being Ra Moon is incorrect - the page before the one shown in the review specifically has Terra introducing it as Dark Moon.

    Pretty good summary, even though it didn't go any further than what can be gleaned from looking at the pictures.

  2. More like Rock Miyabi's Perfect Memories... ;p Only because I also have it up at TMMN. And if people want to see the direct links to every throwaway character entry with a proper ID, it's formatted better there at the moment:

    I would like to begin by thanking you Khorosho if you can indeed read Japanese, because I can't. And I received no confirmation from anyone else yet. So if Terra truly does refer to it as Dark Moon, then that solves one mystery.

    Why Ariga uses Ra Moon's markings under it's eye still needs to be solved, though. That's why I've altered my summary with the Dark/Ra reference. It still looks more like a hybrid design-wise, but it's more on the Ra Moon side than the Dark Moon, IMO. Probably will be solved in Volume 3.

  3. I can read katakana, since it's just romanizations of foreign words. I can read a little bit of hiragana, and almost no kanji, so I can't help out with much more than names or the names of attacks, lmao. I own the manga myself, so I understand how difficult it is to determine what exactly is happening.

    I agree with you on the hybrid design. It's definitely a conscious decision on Ariga's part to add the markings around Dark Moon's eye, but I feel it's more of a nudge-nudge-wink-wink to fans.

    There's lots of other interesting little nuggets too! Did you notice that the Stardroids/Space Rulers were speaking an alien language as they burst from the robot's chest?

  4. The Shadow Devil from X5 also has marks in the eyes, but Ra Moon's are more similar to the one in the manga.
    Can you scan the previous page only to check?

  5. @ Anony: I'm gonna take a stab in the dark that this is the page in question, only because it has Terra on it and there's the whole exclamation in his speech bubble. The actual page before my other scan has no Terra on it, and just has Dark/Ra Moon opening it's eye for the first time. So I hope this is what you were asking me to scan to check:

  6. It's the last thing Terra says, in quotations. "Daakuu Moon". You could also cross reference it to a katakana alphabet, right here:

  7. Thanks. It's indeed Dark Moon:

    Cut Man: ありや... なんだ... (Ariya... what...)
    People: Aa...
    Terra: 目覚めよ... "ダークムーン"!! (Awake... "Dark Moon"!!)
    SFX: "Dokun" and "Pishi"

  8. Alright, thanks you two. I'll take action and alter the summary to reflect that it is confirmed to be Dark Moon, who just happens to have Ra Moon's markings as part of his Ariga design.


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