Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Rockman-Themed Candy

 Wow, Capcom is really pumping out a lot of Rockman merch. recently, aren't they? Hot on the heels of the recently announced Sakuma Drops comes another Rockman-inspired treat: "Rockmanju."

 The Rockman-themed manju (a popular Japanese candy), will be available in two variations: a " packaged inside a reproduction of the original Rockman box art, and "Koshian version" whose packaging is a mock Rockman 10 box art.

Rockmanju is now available in Japan for ¥630 a pop ($7.05), sold exclusively through Kotobukiya, Asobit City Akihabara, Softmap shops, and Gamers retailers.

Don't know how I feel about the actually candy, but I'd like to own that mock RM10 box!

Credit: Andriasang


  1. 7 bucks?? ouch!! i better go and prepare myself a burger

  2. c'mon proto, you KNOW you want that 1-up ;)

  3. Look at this mock up artbox of Japan.. It would be nice for a real Rockman 10/Megaman 10. I like it but for a candy cost 7 bucks.. What a rip off!!!

  4. wait, wasn't capcom trying NOT to show off any form of coverart for rock10?

  5. Ah, dang, there goes my design for an R10 box that I was going to submit. I was going to do one like that, in the style of R9's fake boxart and the real boxart of the other games. It was going to be quite different but it's still the same idea. :P Oh well. There's a one-up candy, haha...

  6. AT LAST !

    The officiel Rockman 10 boxart !!!

    Pretty nice :)

  7. WOW the official art box but in candy themed cool but the price not cool....


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