Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unused Mega Man 10 Robot Masters

Over at Gpara, Mega Man 10 producer Takeshita Hironobu shared a few unused Robot Master concept designs that the Gpara staff sent over to Capcom during the game's pre-production phases. These characters really have to be seen to be believed; some are just so ridiculously weird, that it's no wonder why they were rejected.  Have a look:

On the left is "Tempura Man" (tempura being a Japanese-styled seafood meal) whose torso acts as a deep fryer. The right, "Vice Man" (a parody of the Sonny Crockett character from TV's Miami Vice) whose weapon of choice is a pistol.

More nutty designs after the break...

"Kotatsu Man" here is based off of a low wooden Japanese-styled table of the same name. Uses a variety of household supplies as weapons.

"Evil Man". His arsenal consists of biological weapons, hand guns and grenades (holy crap!). Clearly a spoof on Chris Redfield of Resident Evil fame. His catchphrase is "I need ammo!"

These guys are collectively known as "Armor Man". Nothing real special about two, just really out of the ordinary "robot" designs. Armor Man on the left bears a resemblance to Ghost n' Goblin's Sir Arthur.

On the left is "Princess Blossom" a botanical-based female robot master who embodies the "spirit of the flower". Supposedly, her attacks would vary depending upon the time of year(?). The dev team passed on her due to not being able to properly reproduce her "wind attack" in 8-bit. On the right is "Dice Man" who, as the name implies, is built entirely out of dice. The power of his attacks are determined by the sum of dice rolls.

So, of the designs featured, which one would you like to have seen in MM10?

Credit: CapKobun


  1. Oh my raped god, even my 10 yrs old cousin would come up with better designs.

  2. Whoa... The two characters "Princess Blossom" and "Dice Man" remind me of two characters that I came up with over a year ago, called "Ivy Girl" and "Domino Girl". Strange conicidence. o_O

  3. Actually, Dice Man kinda reminds me of Yatterman's Omotchama.
    One of those reminded me of a ghost, and I think we need a Ghost Man.

  4. Dice Man?
    And number that determine the attack?
    Didn't Numberman.exe do that o.0

  5. Actually "Baisu" Man should be Vice Man, in reference to Miami Vice- the Sonny Crockett character, to be precise.

    Compare and contrast:

    ...Man, I'm old to get this ref. and so are the designers.

  6. Well, the article is about Gpara's staff members sending Boss Designs to the producer.

    Nevertheless, he rejected all of them.


    "Baisu" man is actually Vice Man, in reference to this character, Sonny Crockett from TV's Miami Vice in the 80's.

    ... Man, I'm old to know this.

  8. "Baisu Man" = Vice Man,...nice to see that the developers appreciate the 1980s show Miami Vice. As for Ama Man, the design on the right resembles the gargoyles from Ghosts 'N Goblins/Firebrand from Gargoyle's Quest/Demon's Crest series. In other words, that entire design is inspired by that Capcom series. I can't recall the Japanese name for the series, but I would guess that the word "Ama" is in reference to its Japanese title.

  9. Dice Man?

    NumberMan.EXE, anyone? ;)

  10. "These guys are collectively known as "Ama Man". Nothing real special about two, just really out of the ordinary "robot" designs. Ama Man on the left bears a resemblance to Ghost n' Goblin's Sir Arthur."

    Ama Man is actually "Armor Man", and the other one is "Red ArreMan".

  11. Evil Man's pic says "Bio Man", referring to the Japanese name of Resident Evil: "Bio Hazard".

  12. I am surprised no one said this yet but here it comes: "Boy, and I thought Sheep Man was bad! lol"

  13. Ama Man is actually "Armor Man", and the winged character with him is called "Red ArreMan", based on the Ghost 'n Goblins enemy Red Arremer.

    Sheep Man isn't a cheap man.

  14. Am I the only one who doesn't think Sheep Man is that bad?

  15. I don't mind Sheep Man.

    I like the Arthur & Firebrand team as a boss. It'd make for cool bonus content, preferably not costing extra, but I wouldn't gripe.

    What's with the Stars of David? Are Evil Man & Vice Man Jews?

  16. if Kotatsu Man really threw cats, since they're in his arsenal of home supplies in that picture, then I would definitely pick him.

    "Mega Man! Fear my wrath!"



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