Monday, March 22, 2010

R10 Image Soundtrack Track Listing

Rockman series composer Ippo Yamada revealed on his blog the complete track listing for the Rockman 10 Image soundtrack earlier today. The arranged soundtrack, slated to hit stores April 30, contains twenty one tracks. The listing after the break...

01: One And Only
02: Introduction
03: Title
04: King Of Blades
05: Polluted Pump
06: Desert Commando
07: Absolute Chill
08: Boss
09: Cybersheep’s Dream
10: Fireball Strike
11: Nitro Rider
12: Solar Inferno
13: Dr.Wily Manifesto
14: For You
15: Abandoned Memory
16: Against The Pressure
17: No Turning Back
18: Dr.Wily Stage Boss
19: Close To The End
20: Nemesisphere
21: Last Exit

Notably, track 21, Last Exit, is a vocalization of the ending theme sung by Tohru Itoga. Furthermore, according to previous reports, there's also supposed to be a special drama track written by Hitoshi Ariga and featuring the voices of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily.

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. So fuck the Special Stages, right? God damn it.

  2. Like I said before, I hope this turns out to be better than Mega Man 9's disappointing Arranged Album. In that one, there were very few tracks that were actually memorable and/or sounded like their original counterparts. Here's hoping this one will be a lot better.

  3. The only songs I liked on the Rockman 9 Arranged Soundtrack were Jewel Man, Magma Man, Hornet Man, and We're the Robots. Everything else was, to me, average to awful. Flash in the Dark and the boss theme were the *worst*.

  4. After listening to Gencoil's arrangements, I'm not gonna be surprised one bit if I wind up not being impressed at all by these.

  5. Now that we know the tracklist for the standard OST, any bets on what "One and Only", "Dr. Wily Manifesto", "Close to the End", and "Nemesisphere" supposed to be?

  6. It seems more organized and streamlined than the randomness of the RM9AST, but a few placements still leave you scratching your head. Just my shot in the dark...

    Theory 1:
    One And Only - Drama Track
    Dr.Wily Manifesto - Wily Machine and Capsule medley
    Close To The End - Wily Stage 4
    Nemesisphere - Wily Stage 5

    Theory 2:
    One And Only - Stage Select
    Dr.Wily Manifesto - Drama Track
    Close To The End - Wily Machine
    Nemesisphere - Wily Capsule


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