Monday, March 29, 2010

3D Mega Man & Mettaur Origami

Apologies for not posting this up earlier: 3D Mega Man and Mettaur origami! Built by DeviantArt user “DreamMyst”, Mega Man here is made up of 1,250 pieces and another 252 for the Mettaur.  An impressive display of craftsmanship, to say the least. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Check out more of DreamMyst's origiami creations at DeviantArt


  1. are there supposed to be posted images? because I dont see them..

  2. I can see that a lot of effort went into this, but I don't like the finishing result of Mega Man. He looks too weird for me. >_>

    I like the Mettaur, though.


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