Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Up For Preorder

The much anticipated Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, is now available for preorder at GameStop and EBGames, slated to ship on January 26th, 2010. This is is more than likely a tentative release date, having not been confirmed by Capcom themselves.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh wow, right on my birthday too.

  2. - I don't remember exactly how was E3 at 2008, but teasing a game for the next year is kinda... "evil", with a bit of non-sense. Am I wrong? ;)

  3. Not sure how reliable that is, I think all the games announced for 2010 at E3 were given a release date of Jan 1st. This one could just be another guesstimate.

  4. Yeah, truly teasing a game that is a little over six months away is the work of the devil.

    Have you never seen any E3 ever? They used to tease games that wouldn't come out for years. Some were at E3 2009 that either had a release date of sometime in 2010 or "the future".

  5. I bet it's probably a typo as far as the year is concerned. I mean, even Capcom can't take THAT long to translate a game... right?

  6. Steven Chase "Seiko"June 7, 2009 at 3:38 PM

    It's not as simple as translating the game. Capcom is trying to incorporate online play and additional characters for the North American localization.

    Capcom had sent out a press release (which was shortly retracted and re-released to remove the following) that confirmed online mode and five additional characters (with one of the Tatsunoko characters being removed due to licensing reasons). Since it was retracted, the legitimacy is currently argued, but I personally believe it's the real deal, but someone may have jumped the ball and released it when it shouldn't have been.

    Assuming this was true, it's been said that Hakushon Daimaō is the Tatsunoko property that was removed. I personally see a lot of truth in this; after all, Sven himself confirmed that Roll's infinite combo that only worked against Daimaō would be removed in the North American localization. What easier way than to remove the character altogether?

    With that said, we would get three new Tatsunoko characters and two new Capcom characters to keep everything balanced. I think someone from Speed Racer and Samurai Pizza Cats would be ideal for the Tatsunoko side, but what do you guys think about the Capcom side?

    I personally hope it's not another Street Fighter character, particularly because if it was, I foresee Zangief being the winner. (Ugh...) But I don't think it will be; there are three, one representing each of the first three Street Fighters. Unless they put in a SFIV debut character, they may dip into other properties for our version.

    I personally would kill to have a Resident Evil character in this. Jill in her Battle Suit from RE5 seems like a good choice (since Jill seems to often represent the franchise). Dante from Devil May Cry would be fun too...

    But to appease my Rockman fandom, I want an incarnation of Zero in, preferably the RMZ one. Or let's get really zany (which this game is), and throw Phoenix Wright in!

    A lot of possibilities. Only time will tell... I personally can't wait!

  7. "...and throw Phoenix Wright in!"
    lol, what would he do? "Objection!" them until KOed? Stop an attack with a "Hold It!"? Announce every attack with a "Take That!"? While being a BIG Phoenix Wright fan and would love to see him in the game, i really dont think it would be possible.

  8. Steven Chase "Seiko"June 7, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    I imagine many people would have said the same about Roll back before she made her Versus debut in MvC. Or Servbot. And look at that... Capcom makes it work.

  9. Yeah, but she comes from a series where there is fighting, there is no fighting in Phoenix Wright unless you include courtroom battles which arent actually physical.

  10. Naruhodo (or Mitsurugi even)....LOL Good one Seiko, I needed that laugh. *coughfinalstomorrowcough*

    I really hope it comes out before Jan 2010. As for characters, I really want Yatterman 2 (aka Ai-chan) from Tatsunoko and Zero (any incarnation). But I'll be happy with just Ai-chan being in it. I think we have enough characters from SF and Rockman, unless they want to expand the rooster even more. Maybe someone from Zack and Wiki? Or another Darkstalker (come on Felicia!)? Devil May Cry? Leon or Claire from Biohazard?

  11. WOW this is cool i hope they try the guy from bionic commando


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