Thursday, June 18, 2009

Unity Auctions: Comics!

Up for bidding on this week's Capcom Unity auctions and raffles are two Mega Man comic books: Mega Man NT Warrior vol. 2 and a Japanese exclusive Rockman.EXE Stream graphic novel.

Remember, Unity auctions and raffles only cost you Unity points, so everything is practically free! Read up on how to bid here.


  1. That's kind of random for them to pair up those two particular comics/mangas together... I guess they just did it since they were both EXE related.

  2. Bah, not enough community points to bid. :( I'll start my collection later.

  3. lol, vol 2? That's kind of random, why not vol 1 or the whole set?

  4. Probably donated by someone, just what they had on hand. Of course they'd group them together since they're both EXE.


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