Monday, June 15, 2009

Lies About "Mega Man"

The "Video Game Lies Database" is a fun little wiki, archiving fabricated video game cheats and secrets ranging fake Pokemon to unattainable Mortal Kombat fatalities --stuff you might have heard from playground acquaintances.

Among the BS are two Mega Man cheats from MM1 and MM2:

MM1: "After the sequel had been released with a password system, there was a rumor that you could access a password screen in the first game by either holding a certain button combination or inputting a code on the title screen. "MM2:

MM2: "There is a secret boss somehow accessible via the Bubbleman stage. If you beat it, you will be automatically teleported to the end of the game."

"Based on a truth; while there technically is no secret boss, there *is* a glitch that can be performed in Bubbleman's boss room by shooting multiple Item 1 platforms and then trying to go backwards out the door. If done correctly, with exact timing, this will teleport the player into a glitched-up version of a room from one of the Wily stages, where he or she can fight a deformed Bubbleman that's entrapped in the wall. "

Fun, no? Truth be told, I once devoted a whole summer looking for the secret password screen. So naive...

Know of any more fake Mega Man secrets? Head over to the wiki and contribute to the archives.


  1. No one has added the lies about Megaman X7 or X8 being good games. Must be an oversight.

  2. Mega Man X8 is a perfectly good game. It's X6 and X7 that are awful.

  3. Hmmmmmm.... how about the MM9 is there any about that yet

  4. Everyone has a opinion, I can't believe that there are people who like X7. They probably didn't played other games? :P

    I remember those glitches, Heat Man's stage leads to a bugged Wily Castle 1, but you can't pass the ladders without Item 1 gained from him.

  5. What's funny about the "lie" regarding Mega Man 2 is that it applies to every Robot Master stage, not just Bubble Man.

    If you have Item 1 available, and you use it to get to the upper portion of the door, you will (sort of) go back through it and enter glitched out versions of Dr. Wily's fortress that use messed up graphics from other stages of the game.

    Pretty cool sounding, right? Well, it is, in a way, but actually these stages can be hard to navigate since you can't always see where you are going (spikes won't look like spikes) and you can die very easily.

    Check out this video on YouTube to see it in action (in this case in Air Man going to Wily stage 2):


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