Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rockman Complete Works 1 Coming To PSN

Rockman Complete Works 1, a "remake" of the very first Rockman game, is coming to the Japanese PlayStation Store. The game is part of a special Rockman 9 promotion starting on June 24th to July 28th. RMCW1 will be released within that time frame, no date specified.

Complete Works 1 is the first of six classic series remakes released on the original PlayStation in 1999. Each title in the lineup featured remixed music, graphical updates and a plethora of extras such as art galleries and PocketStation mini-games. North Americans got their first taste of Complete Works via the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, notably lacking a few modes and extras.

Thanks to Marty for the tip.


  1. so wait!

    I thought that you have to buy Rockman 9 to get the download for RCW1?

    So, later in the week, we can actually just download it?


  2. This is awesome news for those who don't have this yet. However, since I bought the game book version a while back, this doesn't interest me that much. It's better than what's on the Wii, anyways, aside from some sound issues.

  3. Man, I wish Capcom would redo the whole CW series in English. In all honesty, the CW series is WHY I learned Japanese because I thought it was so cool. I carried around the pocketstation for months leveling up all the bosses from the games so I could fight them with double the health meters lol


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