Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Pirated Fun

If you're a fan of obscure Taiwanese Rockman bootlegs, then TaoBoa is for you! The auction house is filled to the brim with knock-off Blue Bomber goodies, a select few available for your viewing pleasure below:

-Rockman 10-in-1 for the "Game Color Advance."
As the name implies, this is a multi-cart, containing Rockman World 1-5 and a few other oddities. Also included is "Rockman 99", the Game Boy "port" of Rockman 8.

-8-in-1 2009 RPG: Most multi-carts contain the World games, (as seen above) but this one actually comes with all four Zero series titles.

-Rockman Exile: The popular MM2 mod has made its way onto the GBA. For one reason or another, the pricing is ridiculously expensive. How ridiculous? How about 99,980,001 Yuan or roughly 14.6 million US dollars. Yikes.

For plenty more pirated oddities, check out TaoBo. If you find anything truly bizarre, feel free to share!

Thanks for the list Brahman.


  1. 14.6 Million dollars for a pirated, hacked game? I would sooner get a DS card of choice and simply add the rom to it. Those people have some serious dreams if they are hoping to sell it for that price though. Wow. *facepalm*

  2. Good Lord, the PS3 looks cheap compared to that.

    And they swiped Herms's artwork for one of their pirates!

  3. Blast Hornet won't like this one bit if found out. >.<

  4. 14.6 Million U.S. roughly for a hack? Uhh.... yeah.... I... right..... ummm... I really should congratulate that person for leaving me, the 'legendary' StenMan, completely speechless.


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