Monday, June 29, 2009

No Plans For A New Mega Man Legends...For Now

GamingUnion has an interview with Capcom's Seth Killian up for reading, talking a little about the likelihood of a new Mega Man Legends among other things. His words make me very hopeful:

GU: Is Capcom planning anything new with the Mega Man Legends series such as a 3rd installment or us getting the PSP ports of the 1st two games from Japan?

Seth: After Marvel vs Capcom 2, MM Legends is probably one of our most fan-requested games. MM creator Keiji Inafune is certainly aware of the fans' request—his office is basically a shrine to the stuff he’s gotten from fans over the years. There are no plans right now, but Mega Man 9 came totally out of left-field, so you never know with that guy. If he gets inspired, and things can happen very quickly.

Credit: GoNintendo


  1. Yes i can think.
    But i think it should and will happen (new game, maybe ports) but maybe after more waiting :)

  2. *If he gets inspired, and Capcom approves funding, things can happen very quickly.

    Fixed. I'm sure Inafking would have made it by now if it was solely up to him and his genius.

  3. Thoughts?


    Actually, it's a relief to know that Inafune's mind is the only limit between us (the fans :P) and any fan-requested MM game :D

  4. - I'd say a new classic "NES" MegaMan has a higher chance of a sequel, but I wouldn't say "MM10", perhaps a spin-off. About Legends, well, Inafune-san *has* that title in his heart, but according to him, it's a project that must get some attention (read: $)

  5. lol, what if they make an NES style Megaman Legends. Holy cow, how pissed would be people be?

  6. Time for an inspiration sensation!

  7. only time will tell people.


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