Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Strange French Mega Man 2 Commercial

Enker discovered an old french commercial for Mega Man 2 featuring a super hero styled Mega Man and Mario as a news anchor:

A translation of the commercial's speech below:

Mario: Mega Man is back!
Voice: Nintendo’s World News with Mario!
Mario: Mega Man is more “Mega” as ever! He blows Air Man, he completely cools Heat Man, and sends Metal Man to junk! Dr.Wily, does it upset your plans to conquer the universe?
Wily: Oh, no! You forget my super robots, my atomic chickens, and all my other creatures! Ah ah ah!
Mario: Thanks Dr. Wily. But the last word will be for Mega Man 2!

Hehe, "blows Air Man."

Credit: Mega Man Network


  1. Wow, I know they used the European box art version for the video, but he just looks like...ass! I think it's funny that at around 0:11, Mega Man looks like he's wearing a Mario hat, but that's just because of the shadowing and the fire.

    Dr. Wily looks crazy in this, with his long fingernails and all, and I also sort of wonder why Mario is interviewing Mega and Wily, other than maybe because this was on the NES?

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!



    Wily flapping his arms everywhere was incredible. I'm fav'ing this. It is quite beyond weird and wanders into ironically awesome.

  3. Your friendly neighborhood Met (Not an affiliate with Nintendo World News)June 30, 2009 at 1:30 PM

    I don't think that "Nintendo World News" is really a trusted journalistic source.

    Everything else about the commercial is wierd as well. Wily wanting the universe instead of the World? Mega Man blowing AirMan? Mario with a tie? All crazy.

  4. Nice commercial. And they used the same MM footage as the MM2 GB commercial.

  5. I think my favorite line was the one about Mega Man blowing Air Man.


    Things to learn from this ad:

    * Mario has a half-time job as a reporter in France.

    * No one on the Nintendo News Team notices the contrast between the two reels of footage used (silver cyborg vs. blue jailbait).

    * Wily is part robot himself.

    * That footage would be re-used by a German company, without appropriate editing (wasn’t it for Megaman 4?).

    ...I'm also going to assume that the French and American verbs for...that...are much different.

  7. lol, American is the new name for English now.

  8. Just to add some info

    This was the commercial used exclusively in France, not Quebec (Canada).

    - The Shadow -

  9. wash m├ęchante marde...


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