Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom - Mega Man Volnutt Gameplay


  1. I still want my all-megaman fighter.

  2. Steven Chase "Seiko"June 10, 2009 at 4:01 PM

    Lord, me too... But...

    I tried to think of a good roster for such a thing in the past, and I ran into one annoying problem: So many fan-favorites throughout the franchises would play identically, such as Blues EXE and the many incarnations of Zero (X version, Zero version, ZX version)...

    Or deciding just which characters should be playable in franchises where the main recurring roster (of fightable characters) is relatively small (such as Classic, EXE, Ryusei). That and since so many characters are projectile-driven fighters, I'm not sure how well a hand-to-hand fighting game would work without having to strip most of the characters of their primary combat functions... That is, unless they can come up with some sort of awesome shooter/fighter hybrid genre.

    I guess if they didn't shoot to do a massively large playable roster and put a lot of the other characters as side-characters... Limiting it to maybe 4 or 5 characters per franchise. Then I could see something like...

    Classic: Rockman, Blues, Forte, Duo, Wily... Roll?

    X: Rockman X, Zero, Axl, Vile, Sigma (this one actually has a lot of unique interesting options like Command Mission party members or some fun side-characters like Colonel and Dynamo)

    DASH: Not extremely savvy with the roster here since I never played Tron ni Kobun or finished DASH 2, but obviously Rockman Trigger, Tron, and even a Servbot could work... Rockman Juno, yes, Glyde? Yuna?

    EXE: Rockman, Roll, Blues, Forte, Gutsman? Fireman? Colonel? Tomahawkman? A lot of applicable choices here...

    Zero: Obviously Zero and the four guardians...

    ZX: Problematic since the heroes just duplicate the abilities of past Zero characters... Model A would make a good unique character... But other than that, not too sure how this would work...

    Ryusei: Rockman, Ox Fire, Harp Note, Burai... Cancer Bubble? (Win.)

    Here we go again. Even now it's hard to decide just who should get in.

  3. "Classic: Rockman, Blues, Forte, Duo, Wily... Roll?"

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAND! a representation from all 10 rockman games!

    Also Rockman Killers! Punk, Ballade, Enker. I guess Quint too but he's not really a RK.

  4. I hope that if they do do that, it would be

    X- Sigma
    Zero- Zero
    ZX- Prometheus/Pandora
    EXE- Protoman .exe
    StarForce- Rouge

  5. I was also thinking about something like this:

    Available from beginning:
    Classic - Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Wily Machine
    X - X, Zero, Axl, Vile, Sigma
    Zero - 4 Guardians, Weil (Ragnarok)
    ZX - Vent, Aile, Ashe, Grey, Serpent
    DASH - MegaMan Volnutt, Tron (Gustaff), Servbots, Bon (Schmetterling), MegaMan Juno
    EXE - MegaMan, ProtoMan, Roll, GutsMan, Bass
    SS - MegaMan, Harp Note, Taurus Fire, Rogue, Crown Thunder

    *Vent/Aile and Ashe/Grey can transform in 6 forms each, all with the Normal and Model ZX / A. Vent/Aile have different attacks and can turn into HX, FX, LX and PX.
    Ashe - Queenbee, Rospark, Bifrost, Shisaroids
    Grey - Buckfire, Chronoforce, Condoroid, Hedgeshock

    C - Duo, Punk, King, Buster Rod G, Super Mega Man (with Hyper special), Sunstar
    X - Colonel, Dynamo, Red, Gareth, Ultimate Armor X, Ninetails
    Z - Copy X, Elpizo, Craft, Aztec Falcon, Zero (Z series, full power), Omega
    ZX - Giro (Model Z), Pandora, Prometheus, Powmettaur, Ashe/Grey (all forms from ZXA, even Model a), Albert (last form)
    DASH - Teisel (Blitzkrieg), Glyde (Rafale), Denise (Compagnes), Bola, Sera, Loath (Colossus)
    EXE - Colonel, TomahawkMan, IceMan, SharkMan, MegaMan (Beast Out), Duo
    SS - Acid Ace, Gemini Spark, Dark Phantom, Cancer Bubble, MegaMan (Tribe King), Andromeda

  6. Just add all the bosses to the roster and you're set for life. Sure, production would take years and half the boss characters would play the same way or be entirely useless, but they'd be characters, right? XD

  7. kickass rock volnutt,
    sucky player though


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