Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tatsunoko VS. Capcom Press Release, Online Play Confirmed *UPDATED*

Capcom today issued a press release for the US version of Tatsunoko VS. Capcom, announcing a plethora of details including confirmation of the much demanded online play option:

• 26 fan-favorite characters from the Tatsunoko and Capcom universes face-off in this stylish 2D fighter
• Tag-team battles and customized two-character fighting techniques produce a wild, dazzling spectacle
• Wi-Fi Online gameplay allows worldwide matches
• Four battle modes include Friend, Rival, Free and Ranked Battles
• Match-ups are not restricted to just “Friends”
• Earn Points and Titles (for Title Creation) for all to see
• All-new VS gameplay mechanics creates a new way for fans to return to the series
• More than 20 Mini-game provide additional multiplayer fun
• Enhanced control schemes offer a simplified control scheme option and allow use of the Classic Controller and Gamecube Controller
• Wii-exclusive

TvC is scheduled to release winter 2009.

UPDATE: Official E3 2009 trailer below


  1. so, no MML3 or megamens for wii confirmed...

    time to sell my wii it seems.

  2. Sweet Legends goodness......Glad to see you can get online matchups with anyone. I get tired of inputting 20 friend codes....

  3. 26 Characters?


  4. Yay, online play! First day purchase guaranteed! Time to own people with Volnutt.

  5. This game is gonna make my Wii's dust begone I'm glad to see that they got online matches available for this version. Time to beat others with a broom and a bucket.

  6. Wouldn't that mean there's 4 new characters too? I thought the original roster had 22 characters

  7. @Anon #1,

    Take it easy.. It will happen.

  8. Winter, huh? Guess I know where my christmas money is going to.

  9. 26!? Too bad i heard Daimoh's cut. So im guessing 3 new representatives for Tatsunoko and 2 for Capcom.

  10. Please Zero
    You'd better be there.


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