Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Handful Of "Denpa Henkan On Air!" Videos

Plenty of footage from the RnR TV plug-n-play game, Denpa Hankan On Air! is now available on YouTube courtesy of Vixy. Check out the playlist for more individual mini game videos.


  1. Wish they hadn't made his hair bounce... It looks dorky. :S

    Someone needs to line input this into a computer a reconstruct the sprites!

  2. Lame but interesting.

  3. My comment did not make it through?

    Why does that keep happening? :(

    Someone needs to capture video to a computer and reconstruct the sprites! :D

  4. oh my god!! what´s this?? is this the new "kickass" capcom franchise?? definitely capcom is going down releasing such crappy products. No need to say megaman fate is on hardcore fan´s hands. Shame on you capcom!

  5. I will go back and re-record everything again. I just got sound working, so next time, the quality will be way better and clearer. ^^

    Oh, and RPM has the web page for the game updated already, with info and things like that. Next update will have the bosses. ^^

  6. Run, Megaman, RUN!

    That one is reminder me of Forrest Gump...

    Just kidding! ;)


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