Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's That Time Again

Ah, summer weather...that means it's time. Time for Maq's Mega Man Bathing Suit Contest!

That's right, the longest running fan-art contest in the MM community returns for its eighth year. If you can put pencil to paper, you can enter for your chance to win either a one year subscription to DeviantART or a copy of Udon Entertainment's Mega Man: Official Complete Works artbook!

You have until September 12th to get those entries in, so get cracking while it's early!

Full contest rules and regulations can be found at Rockman Perfect Memories.

Edit: deadline date correct :p


  1. Where are the past competitions? I keep hearing about this legendary competition and it almost seems like it doesn't really exist. :P

  2. Hmm... that's weird. There used to be a page with the entries from all the past contests on it (it's been around since 2002 or thereabouts), but I can't find it anymore! That sucks; some of it was pretty epic.

  3. Maq reworked her site to focus on her own art only, as you could read on her site's news posts.

    As an April Fools joke this year, she did put up a version with some of the old contests, but only 2001-05. '06 and '07 are missing on the page, and last year's never got judged so there were never results/entries posted. :/

    But you can search deviantArt and find many people's entries from those years uploaded there anyhow.


  4. You and me both, TTE. It's been driving me crazy.


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