Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mega Man Dominates Robot Hall Of Fame *UPDATED*

Mega Man now ranks number one in Carnegie Mellon's Robot Hall of Fame Inductee Poll. The Blue Bomber trumps the competition with a 35% , just barely overtaking Futurama's Bender who now places at number two with a 31%.

To ensure Rock's dominance, keep on voting every now and then.

Good job guys!

UPDATE: Numbers edited.


  1. Finish it, Mega! Use a charged shot and blast Bender to the scrapyard!!

  2. Bwahahaha!

    I honestly never expected that to happen, but I should have. I mean, how can Bender be more famous and worthy than Rockman?

    I won't jinx it though. Keep voting!

  3. At last! The blue bomber is number one on the Robot Hall of Fame. Now all we need is to break the tie.

  4. Whee! Made the tie into 33% to 31%. Keep voting, everyone!

  5. Makes me wonder, how come astroboy's not there?

  6. Now he is at 33% with Bender at 31%.

  7. lol, wow, can't believe he went from what, 3% to 33%?

    Anybody have any clue when the voting is over? Also, remember it's like the top 5 or so that are inducted. The number has varied from year to year.

    And Astro Boy was inducted in 2004.

  8. astro boy is already in the hall of fame

  9. voting like the fist of Miss Tron!!!(again!)


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