Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Mega Man Franchise Now at 38 Million Units Sold

Hot on the heels of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection announcement, the Mega Man series has reached another milestone. The franchise grew an additional 1 million units from the previously reported 37 million sold back in July 2021.

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The news comes to us via Capcom's financial results for the 1st quarter of fiscal year 2022. The franchise now sits at 38 million units sold and continues to be the fourth best-selling IP for the company.

Despite Mega Man 11 being released nearly 4 years ago and the last Legacy Collection over 2 years, the franchise continues to see steady growth year over year. Capcom's evergreen approach to these and other Mega Man titles is paying off.

Keep your eyes peeled here because we may have another milestone to report: Mega Man 11 is edging closer and closer to becoming the best-selling game in the franchise, taking the crown from Mega Man 2 after 34 years!


  1. I'm glad 11 ended up doing so well. People really were ready for Mega Man to come back and I'm still eager for more!

  2. Really hope we get definitive collections someday. Wily Wars, RockMan Worlds, Command Mission, Xtremes and MHX have gotten no love.

    1. ...You're saying Wily Wars has gotten no love? Not only has it been included within the Genesis Mini and the Nintendo Switch Online service, but it's even gotten a licensed, physical release by Retro-Bit.

  3. It's the fourth most successful franchise and somehow Capcom treats PhoenixWright better than it ?

    Some companies I don't need to understand...


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