Friday, July 15, 2022

PCS Mega Man X Statue Now Available to Pre-Order

Premium Collectibles have opened up pre-orders for their upcoming cross-section Mega Man X statue (No word on Zero yet, though). Not only that, they've provided a bevy of images showing off the final designs. Check 'em:

Two versions of each character will be produced. There's the standard "Collector Edition" (standing at 17″H x 10″W) which includes the fully-sculpted statue and a 'museum' style base for $645. And for those of you with deep pockets of Zenny, there's the "Deluxe Edition". These stand at a staggering 30″ (18’W) and come with interchangeable "closed eyes" head parts, and an intricately detailed Capsule-style base. The Deluxe will set you back $1,495

X is due to ship between April-June 2023. More updates on Zero are forthcoming. In the meantime... start saving up!


  1. Their skeletons look similar, but Eve *was* created from Adam's rib, so...

  2. I'm tempted to get one of them in the DX edition, but the size and price are probably gonna be too much to justify.

  3. It certainly doesn't help the designs are wrong...
    Zero is a mismatch of X1 and X3 versions and doesn't match the art it is inspired from
    X's body on Zero's skeleton
    That would bug me the more I stare at it...

  4. Man it's so expensive !! Not that I'm getting it anyway , but twitch was right , it's too expensive to be filled with much designs mistakes , in terms of lore , both of them were created around the same time by different people in different places , even if they happened to be a bit similar , it doesn't make sense for them to share identical skeletal structure , if this mistake is cannon , then zero was probably created after X with a long time period , enough for him to be built , also it supports theories that wily stole X's blue prints to create zero which can be debunked easily , just because X was the first reploid ever created , doesn't mean all reploids have the same blue prints , only those who were created under Cain's superintendence , and zero wasn't , but I'm just rambling at this point cause it's apvious that this is just laziness lol

    1. X and Zero do not have identical frames. Though, they seem to have multiple variations of the frames.
      I always thought X's frame was more like the one from the Mega Armor line of models, but it's not quite that simple.

      X's frame was shown here.
      Also here

      Zero's here (which is the basis of this particular statue)
      and also here

  5. Yeah, no way could I justify that cost to myself 😅

  6. X has a babyface and I don't like it.

  7. Is this $1500 us dollars? I really hope somebody can tell me because some times some pages show me the prices in US dollars and sometimes in my local currency equivalent.


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