Saturday, July 16, 2022

SDCC 2022 Exclusive Mega Man X Metal Cards Revealed

Udon Entertaiment are bringing a slew of excluisve goods to Comic-Con next week, including these very slick Mega Man X metal cards. The set includes four characters -- X, Zero, Axl and Alia -- mounted in a gate-foil package. It'll set you back a cool $60, available at booth #4529.

But wait! There's one more! For every $80 you spend at Udon's booth, you'll get one free, randomly selected bonus card. You might get Vile! Or not! Bit of a toss up there, unfortunately. 

No word at this time if the cards will be available from Udon's online store at a later date. It's happened before. We'll see! For now, add booth #4529 to your go-to list.

Source: PeteFighter


  1. Funny ... I just started working on poker cards , X characters themed , but unlike those , they're going to include most of the main cast , i just hope i can finish them soon

  2. Ok... What's with the sudden SDCC presence? WHAT DO YOU KNOW!

    1. It's funny since the lack of any sequels means there is no mavericks to hunt. LOL, what's the point of this if they aren't making games? Silly of them and boring too. Big time yawn. One would think that with all these news posts of MM, it would actually be popular enough to make actual games. It is like it is dead yet not at the same time, but as far as I'm concerned, without games, it is dead since games is what it is all about for me. What are the hiding? Probably nothing. Just more pointless non-game related stuff. You know, same old same old for the last 4 years now. Who cares about cards and toys and MM manga and Dive? Funny how they milk a franchise without making games. One would think that they would milk far more if they made games. So hard to tell if it is dead or alive in these 'weird' times. Like a kind of zombie franchise now.

  3. This is probably the wrong place to post, but if anyone has Vile and wants E Honda instead: I am Timesmyth on Reddit; PM me there.


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