Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Development is 50% Complete

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection's announcement in June was met with a lot of positivity... and several unanswered questions. Many fans were left concerned due to the apparent lack of features (online multiplayer?) and games modes.

Now, thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu, we can say with certainty that the game is exactly 50% completion. That would explain why Capcom set a very vague 2023 release, let alone few in-depth details about the collection's content. 

With development halfway complete, it stands to reason this time might be spent solidifying additional content and features. Unfortunately, the Famitsu coverage doesn't provide further details.

For the time being, we can only wonder. Will we get an extra game mode like the previous Legacy Collections? What about online multiplayer? Are they going to restore the Boktai cut content from Battle Network 6? Revised, retranslated scripts? (I know Battle Network 4 would benefit from a new one)

We'll have to wait a little longer to find out.


  1. God i hope they add back the cut boktai stuff from bn 6 when it comes state side. We lost so much with that along with the beast out battle chip and lost like 5 pas.
    Come on capcom dont screw us over just when its getting good.
    if we get the battle chip stuff for exe 4,5, and 6 that will make it one of the must own collections hands down.

    really looking forwards to this if they dont screw it up

  2. I reckon it's probably out-of-the-question to expect the Nintendo DS version of Mega Man Battle Network 5 to be on this compilation.

    1. It is out of question indeed.
      DS games have Nintendo SDK dependencies, which would mean additional workload.
      (Acc to @Prof9 on Twitter)

  3. Ok I'm not even much of a fan of this mega man series but I just wanted to say this.

    If it's just the games, just the roms in a collection, HOW in the world can it take this long? Is it just capcom being capcom again and again till the day we die or something? I mean if I wanted to play these games and it's just the games in the collection I can go out and buy the carts of the games. Heck I think I still have a few of the gba games. Or of course other means.

    That's what I never got about having to wait so long or having a "2 part" mega man collection. Yes I bought a lot of them. Yes I own the carts. But in like 5 mins I could be playing every single one just like that NOW. It's 2022. If it's just the games ONLY then it shouldn't take to 2023 for this. There missing out on huge xmas sales too. Yes I get it can be a business thing and they don't see this as anywhere near a top priority. I would think if I was capcom and I wanted to make $$$ I would get this out by xmas at least. It can't be that hard for at least a digital version you know?

    Setting a vague 2023 release is just the typical capcom to me. Drag EVERYTHING out as LONG as possible. Never forget they needed sony help to even make Street Fighter V and that was still rushed crap at the start.

    I honestly think some games are to the point that the fans just need to make the games now. People have the talent big time now. People like capcom will just drag forever. Heck just license out the rights for X9 or something too. I mean didn't they do just this with the Resident Evil 2 & 3 remakes or something?

    1. bruh its more complicated than you think, they have to compile all of the games into one storage device and on top of that they are adding features, completely retranslating because they are using the japanese versions in the trailer so yeah dude just chill

    2. Maybe.
      But if they do utilize Emulation and don't port Arm to the target platorm the OP has a point.

      They then could've made this even on the 3DS..

      Your storage argument is invalide, as they will very likely just call each game from a menu screen...
      Their other collections just do the same.

      I'm most concerned about Multiplayer.
      Without it, I'll skip this one.

  4. Without really knowing how it works under the hood, my guess is resources. They are probably working with a skeleton crew. They are too concerned with all their other properties to really care about Rockman, so they are diverting that to every other project like the latest RE remake. And (hypothetically) the majority of their staff they have working on Rockman are working on mobile. Yay.

    1. This collection seems like a "Oh shi- there was an anniversary here ? Better quickly bake a cake!"

      This is their final take on this.
      If they screw this upy I'm sure this is the last we'll se of EXE 1-6

      Better make it count !

  5. Give us Multiplayer you cowards !


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