Wednesday, July 20, 2022

First Images of Jada Toys Mega Man, Ice Man and Fire Man Figures (Update)

Thanks to MattGuzy on Twitter, we have our first good look at the new Jada Toys Mega Man figures from the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 preview night. All three are reportedly due in Spring 2023.

UPDATE: Shown above, Mega Man will include at least one interchangeable head part. (source)

UPDATE 2: Yet more details from the showroom floor. The following information comes from a verified Jada Toys representative.

-The line is starting with three figures a wave with two waves a year “at minimum”, and they want to do more if the line sells well

-Each wave will come with one version of Mega Man “to anchor the line”, and two Robot Masters 

-Figures are roughly 1:12 scale and will stand at about four to four and a half inches tall 

-Each figure will come with at least one alternate head and some effects pieces, and Mega Man will come with an alternate non-buster forearm.

-$25 MSRP a piece.


We should have more details on these guys very soon. We'll be updating this post with more news and images as things surface. Stay tuned!

Source: Preternia


  1. I saw these yesterday too, and they're perfect. Guy at the booth said they hope to do all robot masters 1-3. I asked that they include Blues.

  2. I'll buy these.

    No sense of scale yet. Guessing they will be sub $30 price point. Accessories look to be a minimum. At the very least you need an alternate arm for Rock, and the ability to remove/alter Fire Man's flame effects would be cool. I do like them, though.

    There are several parts there they can use as bucks for the next set. Fire Man's legs can be re-used multiple times. That's not even counting the obvious Rockman parts. So the ability to expand this wave quickly and cheaply is there.

    1. These will be in the $50 range given the quality of paint, clear parts, accessories. (Rock has a buster shot effect and stand for it.) That's worth it to me.

    2. I will pay a mega buster and a leg part for these

    3. I remember when I could get a figure for $3, much less $30.
      Inflation is a 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
      I'll still put my money on sub $30. They will go for $50 on the after market when the 10 made are sold, for sure, though.

    4. hey, the yen is on the verge of collapse, so maybe importing directly from japan will be like $3

  3. They look wonderful. I looove Fire Man. and I need an Ice Man, though I wish someone would sculpt him with a different facial expression. I don't know who this company is?

  4. Here are a few additional pics from Toyark.
    Never before have I had an urge to have Rockman face off against Chester the Cheetah or Count Chocula, but there you go.

  5. Make the first 20 robot masters and a Proto Man and you can go ahead and take my money.

  6. Only issue is see so far is that they say there will always be a megaman in the waves. That would be the worst idea as people want the other characters like protoman,roll, dr.light instead of a recolor even if the effects will probably be worth it.

  7. Oh I really like update 2. Except for the Mega Man in each wave... If you interpret it loosely, that may mean Blues, Forte, Roll and so on. That would make sense.
    But at that price range, that scale, those options, that is almost perfect. Only thing left to worry about is QC.


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