Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Jada Toys Teasing Mega Man Line Reveal at SDCC 2022

Premium action figure manufacturer Jada Toys are gearing up for a new Mega Man product line, it seems. 

According to Toy News International, a classic series Mega Man logo was included in Jada Toys' San Diego Comic-Con press junket. This heavily implies we'll see something at their booth (#3746) next week. 

If you want an idea of what could be in store for Mega Man, check out their recently-announced Street Fighter figures. Nifty stuff. Hard to say if Mega Man will be classic series focused or not. The above logo usually accompanies classic... but there have been a few exceptions in the past. Whatever the case, we'll keep an ear to the ground. 

Any pie-in-the-sky figures you want to see from 'em?


  1. No preference on figures, except I would like to see Alia for once.
    What matters to me more than figure selection is scale. Hopefully, it's to scale to one of the existing lines. That way they could fill in the blanks without urgency to make certain characters immediately. But if I had to guess, it won't be.
    If they were at scale with themselves, too, that would be great. That was something D-Arts did correctly and Kotobukiya got wrong.
    If it's at the $25 price point, should be easy for them to make new waves quickly. If they make multiple waves.

    What interested me more than this was Hasbro's Selfie Series. That looks cool. But that would be difficult to apply to Mega Man, as it stands.

  2. I just hope they don't announce a Mega Man Zero figure. It would be a shame if the line were discontinued even before it had a chance to get started.

    1. yeah, you'd think lines would just avoid him going forward. he's ended so many lines!


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