Friday, July 1, 2022

Summer Begins Next Week on Mega Man X DiVE's NA and EU Servers

The first summer event ever for Mega Man X DiVE's NA and EU global version servers is coming in hot next week and the LATAM server is finally getting the Star Force event.

Find all the details after the break!

The first week of the event will feature Swimsuit Roll and Swimsuit Layer. Swimsuit Iris will be available in the second week alongside a free daily 10-pull. The event stage "Summer Vacation for Lord of Snowy Plain" includes the typical rewards and a free Swimsuit Alia skin!

What's more? Both servers will get the Vigor Capsule next Wednesday. Players can pull from this capsule for free once a day and get one Vigor Coin. When you get 30 coins, you can exchange them for an S rank character in the store. The characters are First Armor X, Cinnamon, Black Zero, Ferham and Second Armor X. There will be more ways to get Vigor Coins.

Now, when it comes to the LATAM Server, they already celebrated the summer event back in January. So instead of that, it's their turn for the Mega Man Star Force event "Bonds That Can't Be Severed".

The gacha features S rank character Harp Note, the A rank character Star Force Mega Man and the weapon SuperMag Gun. Star Force Mega Man can be obtained by playing the event stage. The second week of the event will bring Rogue to the game too.

Keep you eyes peeled to Rockman Corner for some interesting X DiVE developments in the coming weeks!


  1. YES! FINALLY! My EMs are Ready for unlocking the legendary Badass of the Sea: Swimsuit Roll.

  2. My LATAM are finally get's Harp Note and Rogue

  3. I was waiting for the rerun of the first summer event in Latam, I don't care about the Starforce event.

    Especially since we are already in summer in Mexico.


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