Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Rockman DASH Great Adventure Guide English Fan-Translation is Complete!

After a year and a half of work, the Rockman DASH Great Adventure Guide English fan-translation project is now complete! It contains over a hundred pages of concept art, unused designs, development secrets and lesser-known lore about the world of Rockman DASHDownload it here!

The book is available in both in JPG and PDF formats from the link above. You also have the option of a single-page or two-page spread format. Whichever format you go with, it's an excellent read. 

Without further ado, a shout-out to the team members: RockmanCosmo (scanning, cleanup, typesetting), _akiTONE_, megamantad (main translators), RMDL_Comic, 8o1jhon, Kobun20, Bapgei (assistant translators) and Get Me Off the Moon (organization). Big congrats on a job well-done, folks!

And you, dear reader, enjoy!


  1. Really awesome! Makes me wish they'd put Legends on Playstation Plus even more!


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