Monday, July 11, 2022

"Swimsuit iCO" Kick-Starts Rockman X DiVE's 2022 Summer Event

Initially teased two weeks agoRockman X DiVE's annual summer event has been revealed. This time, the development team are moving away from the traditional summer-time attire in favor of a little something different. 

Find all the details after the break!

Swimsuit ICO's first active skill is Summer Surf. iCO jumps onto a surf board and rushes forward, damaging all enemies along its path. The skill can release water balls that ignore terrain and track the target, too.

Her second active skill is Tornado Rampage. It surrounds iCO with two tornadoes that deal damage when they come in contact with enemies. 

Among other utilities, she comes packed with a speed buff and a shield.

As you may remember from the roadmap, we're expecting another summer character to be revealed. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know what do you think of Swimsuit iCO design in the comments!


  1. This game has become Rockman Fap

  2. LOL, that's a good one 'Rockman fap'. No denying this is an excellent body here, and the physics in the video too, but it has no business in Megaman. Just one of many examples that shows that Dive is not a legit MM game. A recent post shows Ceil in there with her, but Ceil is a bit flat for this. At least draw Ceil to be more developed if they are gonna include her in there vs looking like a flat genderless android (same in the Zero series; she is old enough to look womanly, even if she is under 18 (14 in the first game, 15 and older in the others).

  3. I haven’t played this game before but I have high hopes that Swim Suit iCO will be a playable character.


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