Saturday, July 2, 2022

Teppen's 3rd Anniversary Brings "Rising Fire X" Skin to the Game

Teppen is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this month. To mark the occasion, GunHo Online and Capcom have prepared a bunch of new skins for some of the game's heroes, among other things 

Players can try their luck using the free skin pack ticket to get one of twenty hero skins. Rising Fire X stands among the new duds. It's X's second skin next to the Double Cyclone. 

When it comes to Mega Man X-themed cards, things are pretty dry right now. The previous card pack didn't feature any Mega Man X-themed cards, and the latest card pack —Super Spooky Village— only includes a single card.

Check that one out after the break!

Card Name:
Scrap Robo
SSV 021
Flavor Text:
The robot advanced, crawling using its left arm with such ease, it was as if its missing legs had never been there at all. The red lens of its eye flashed with hatred for all creation.

And that's all for now. Hopefully when the next card pack is released in September there'll be more to talk about. In the meantime, you can check our extensive Teppen coverage here!


  1. Replies
    1. Agreed. It's further proof about how little Capcom cares about the integrity of this IP. Seriously. They did not re imagine ANY of the other characters from other IP's for Teppen, based on what images I've seen posted here in the past. But they had to do this.

    2. Yeah, dive is getting real old and real stupid the longer it goes on. As Zero in X8 said, this could hardly be called evolution (a reference to new gens becoming Sigma).

    3. I can see why he looks strange to you guys , anatomically a male's waist is supposed to be as big as the trunk size if not smaller in some cases , here X's waist is bigger than his trunk so he looks like a female which is the anatomical case in females , even zero doesn't look that bad cause his trunk's design is bigger than his waist , but I'm not sure it was intended to make him look ugly , i think they wanted him to be more realistic in terms of animation and so they gave him different joints , since Megaman characters designs are cartoonish and don't make sense anatomically , ask people who cosplayed zero , and that's the reason why the designs were changed for X8 as well , in teppen other characters weren't changed because they're already humans and anatomically easy to animate , that's also must be the reason why only X and zero are the only Megaman characters given these designs cause they're the only characters playable and to be animated unlike other characters in cards

    4. Ah, my bad. I'm so used to seeing dive that I didn't distinguish.

    5. @anonymous I'm pretty cool with how they changed up X and Zero for Teppen, but I definitely get why people see it as weird. He kinda looks a bit alien with the SF5 Seth ball and weirdly super inwardly curved to the bone arm and thigh sections. And the stripe on the ball portion + the pronounced hip ball joints gives off a mewtwo look at times. It's a bit weird all things considered going from normal X to Teppen X. But, I'm not opposed to some degree of weird alterations for X for a game like this, and personally in some Teppen card art and in the animation for his Hero Arts, I think he looks pretty sick (in a good way). I agree with him being more changeable than others since he is a robot. ...Also I'm fan of the data halo above his head kinda like Cyber Elf X from the zero-series...

      More creativity and effort put into this than XDive's copy-paste blue zero.

  2. my theory on why it's always rising flame X is because X4 is the MM2 of the X series. even though the weapons all kinda suck in that game, magma dragoon was the coolest maverick and red X is pretty cool. it's just like how we got metal blade MM nendoroid.

    1. There's also a Double Cyclone skin for Teppen as well.


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