Thursday, July 14, 2022

Jada Toys Unveils New Mega Man Toyline

Well, that was fast. Less than a day after an initial teaser, Jada Toys have unveiled the first images of their brand-new classic series toyline. The line currently consists of Mega Man, Ice Man and Fire Man.

"Come to our booth at Comic-Con to see more. Booth # 3746," they write

That's all that can be said for now. No details on scale, price or availability were provided at this time. We'll hopefully have an update next week. Stay tuned! 

Source: Jada Toys


  1. Oh, those look pretty good, actually.
    I saw comments the street fighter figs might be ~$25. So these look pretty affordable.
    I'll buy these. Just gotta decide if they stay carded or not.

  2. oh boy, robot masters that aren't cut man and air man! hurray!

    here's hoping we get some non-MM1 robot masters too besides skull man. I'd love to get an oil and time man figure too.

  3. The preliminary images look quite good. Good sculpting, proper proportions, classic art style. I hope the first wave contains all 6 MM1 Robot Masters.

  4. A lot of lines I see come out anymore come in waves of four or so.

  5. Yay! Another booth I'm excited to visit!

  6. The lighting isn't a great choice for Mega; it makes him look deranged. The toys themselves look great, though.


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