Monday, February 7, 2022

Rockman X1 Manga Re-Translation Completed

Azure Wind Productions have successfully retranslated Yoshihiro Iwamoto's Rockman X1 manga adaptation. As the successor to Dr. Neko's decades-old translation, this new version provides a more accurate representation of Iwamoto's original script. The pages have been scanned at a much higher resolution, too! Check it out here.

As previously reported, Azure Wind Productions intend on re-translating/scanning the Rockman X2 and Rockman X3 manga as well. They finished X4 in early January, in addition to two previously untranslated X3 chapters: Mars and Ikaros. It'll be a little longer before X2 and X3 are done, so go ahead and give X4 a read if you haven't already. 

The "Men Who Made Rockman" is available in English for the first time, too! It's a super for fun, informative mini-series. You'll be in for a good time!

Good luck and well wishes to the Azure Wind crew. We appreciate you!


  1. Seeing that image of X holding Zero really makes me want an alternate story where he
    stayed dead after X1. I get that's probably blasphemous to the many Zero fans out there,
    but if there's one thing I could really complain about with the X series - it's how they treat death.

    I get for some it's "not about the story" and "more about the epic gameplay", but for the
    kind of tonne and theming they were really trying to execute, having characters like Zero
    remain as a memory to X would've helped to really push those ideas further. This only became
    more of an issue for me when they brought him back in X6.

    1. It's interesting concept for me, and I wouldn't mind it, rather I would find this really promising motif. I see much potential of Rockman series stories, but as creators always focused much more on gameplay it was not utilized as it could be.

    2. That sounds pretty cool. And it's strange that only Zero, Vile, Sigma, and possibly Iris came back with their minds intact (though Zero had amnesia and Sigma gradually devolved), while others return as mindless killers only to do battle one final time before being cast back into the flames, no matter how nobly they once died, notably in X-Challenge. Non-combatants like Isoc are also never brought back. Are there parallels to the Christian concept of perdition here?

      Anyway, I could see a lot of fun ideas if Zero stayed dead; like him being forced to destroy a completely Maverick Zero in X2, while perhaps Sigma would also stay gone after X2.

    3. personally, the X1 story works as a standalone well for me, but i can't imagine the X series without Zero. most of the stories since X2 hinge on Zero (and Wily), and since gameplay also got heavily impacted since X4 by having Zero playable in a great way, so if you take out Zero, you essentially change the way the series goes entirely. i never had a problem with him being brought back, either.

      @Austin Reed
      i don't support the idea of removing Sigma after X2, either - sure, X1 and X2 is all that's technically needed, but i feel like cutting out Sigma out of X5 isn't a good idea, and personally, i was fine with him reappearing in X6, given that he isn't even the true mastermind there (judging by both the retranslation i've played and the wiki, that is). though, his roles in X3 and X4 are rather pointless, and the whole scene with Sigma's past would have been better if it was in X5.
      now Vile, that's one character i did not want to see return. each time he appeared after X1, his presence was entirely pointless, especially since in both X3 and X8 he could have been replaced with any other character and barely anything would have changed.

    4. Zero was always supposed to be made by Wily once X1 released. And it was already established in Classic that robots can be rebuilt.

      "And it's strange that only Zero, Vile, Sigma, and possibly Iris came back with their minds intact (though Zero had amnesia and Sigma gradually devolved)"

      It was established in X2 that reploids can be rebuilt as themselves provided you maintain their control chips. Sigma merged with Willy's virus. Iris never returned in canon. And Zero was obviously rebuilt by Wily/Isoc right after X5.

    5. He keeps coming back because Wily, which is integrated into the virus that lives on regardless, wants him around and isn't done with him, it seems. Building him again in X2 and then in X6, each time possession and avatar body. In X5, he seems to just be in viral form, though probably is sharing the Final Sigma W body in X5 with Sigma (notice the name is a fusion of Sigma and Wily, he says 'feel our combined rage' and the skull remains (skull motif) was called ?? and not Sigma when saying 'drop dead'. Perhaps he built Final Sigma W the same way Light is able to generate new parts for X or how Light repaired X, seemingly generating matter straight form cyberspace, which is only done when enough energy is present, or how Sigma in X2 could used his viral self to generate enemies from cyberspace (also high energy concentration form), else Wily's viral self just possesses an avatar at will to build whatever. Sigma is likely just used by Wily in some form integrated into the virus just like Wily is, yet also separate at the same time, hence he wonders who that old man is, like Zero does when Wily enters his dreams in viral form and tells maverick Zero to get up and being the best of his works (called ?? here too, just like he is called ?? when leaving the Isoc body and a disembodied voice), or Wily is integrated into the original Maverick strain while Sigma has his own strain, or they intermingle at times to a degree without overwriting each other. Maybe why Sigma's mind was almost deleted in X6 yet Wily seemed all the way there still as Isoc.

      If would be nice is Sigma was gone for good, in X8 he probably is (notice his last world and surprise + no saying he would come back), so Sigma's consciousness deleted and only his virus and DNA remains. So then an X9 and beyond could have viral Wily as the sole antagonist, else he will just get erased by mother elf later on. This video depicts that in some way shape or form (I link the time, close enough, and then we see viral Wily):

    6. Also something I saw a while back:

    7. @Salden

      About the control chip stuff; most bosses in the series end up by the end of the game having their control chips somehow rendered unusable; sank into the sea, blown up in space, bit-rotted into oblivion, buried deep underground... This doubles down on how basically everyone in the X-Challenge doesn't have an intact mind.

  2. I have been looking for this soooo longgg!

  3. Can anyone access the groups website/mangadex? I cant seem to get to it


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