Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Official Servbot Plush Back in Stock at Fangamer

Good news, folks. Fangamer's Servbot plush is back! A fresh stock just arrived so snag yours before they're gone - again! They went pretty fast last time.

For the uninitiated, these guys are roughly 10-inches tall when standing, with embroidered detail. It comes with a magnetic plush plate of curry rice too. It's delightfully cute!

You can find Fangamer's other blue bomber themed offerings -- t-shirts, pins and more -- from their Mega Man hub as well. There's a few more fun things on the burner right now. We should be seeing them in a couple months. Start savin'!

SourceMega Man | Fangamer


  1. I'm trying to remember if there were custom made pins of Tron Bonne in her Gustav that were
    being distributed by Capcom at one point? I can't honestly recall if I remember odering one or
    not at the time. As much as I want to show my support for anything Legends related, I honestly
    don't think I have the shelf space for plushies - lol

  2. "A few more fun things on the burner right now", eh? Remind me, who's weak to a fire weapon in her battle in X4?

  3. In other merch news: mml2 soundtrack on vinyl is up on bbts for preorder.


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