Monday, February 28, 2022

Mega Man X DiVE - White Day Event and Special DiVE Festival

This week, the Global Version of Mega Man X DiVE will receive a special custom-made DiVE Festival capsule for North America and Europe. When it comes to LATAM, they will celebrate the White Day event featuring White Day Alia and White Day Cinnamon.

All the details after the break!

The NA and European server see the arrival of the DiVE Festival capsule "What Am I Fighting For!!!" which deviates from what Capcom Taiwan has done until now. The capsule includes Iris and the Assault Equipment weapon for NA and the "Savage Tusk of Thunder" for Europe. 

As is customary, players will have a free single 10-pull. What's more? The capsule can be activated with tickets too.

For NA, the first DNA Code capsule will arrive this week too. The capsule features First Armor X, Second Armor X and Ultimate Armor X (CM). Meanwhile, Europe is getting the Glittering Spark Capsule.

Now, when it comes to LATAM, they are getting the chance to experience the "Re-taking the Candy Factory" for the first time and of course the White Day characters Cinnamon and Alia.

A daily free 10-pull will be available for this capsule.


  1. I appreciate hamming up the X4 references as much as the next guy, but I gotta ask, what gives with Latin America getting the White Day event before us? Maybe next week.

    The fact that NebulaJoy is already doing Fest reruns is encouraging, I guess. We just came off the Copy X fest so it's not as if they're slowing down. Then again, they did "skip" Ciel in that they added her without her ever being the featured character, so you could only reliably get her by spark. Really, NJ should be doubling up on the Fest characters for a bit to at least partially catch up. Gonna be a looong wait before the U.S. sees Iris -Another- at this rate.

    1. Unless your talking about LATAM nebula joy(na)never skipped ciel and as for iris another your looking at the Summer for her

  2. There's no point of keep playing NebulaJoy's version anymore. Steam/Taiwan version is getting all LATAM regions starting tomorrow.


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