Monday, February 28, 2022

Mad Scientists Gate and "White Tron" Join Rockman X DiVE

On the verge of Rockman X DiVE's 2nd Anniversary, a fan-favorite villain from the X series joins the Deep Log this week: Rockman X6's Gate in his combat armor. What's more? Tron Bonne in her lab attire from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne joins the fray too.

Find all the details after the break!


Gate's first active skill is Nightmare Hole. It launches a Nightmare Hole that seeks the enemy and ignores terrain. You can switch between four Nightmare Holes with different attributes according to your needs.

With the right passive skills unlocked, the attack will allow Gate gain a preventive shield and recover HP.

His second active skill is Nightmare Strike. It releases a huge Nightmare Strike in front that deals damage to targets within range, rendering them immobile.

White Tron's first active skill is Servbot Borer Customer. It launches a Servbot Borer that rushes forward, ignores terrain and damages all the targets in its path.

Her second active skill is Focused Barrage. Tron calls for as strike that will target a single nearby enemy and damage all enemies in range with a explosion. You can switch between three debuffs and one of the passive skills will grant a shield too.


The gacha capsule also brings the S rank buster "The Monoclonius". It's based on Mega Man ZX Advent final  boss Master Albert. Worth noting is that White Tron is a limited character, so don't miss the opportunity if you like her!

Lastly we have to address the character names. It's very frequent that the Japanese version of the game uses different name conventions for some characters. However, this instance is questionable as Capcom Taiwan chose to call this Tron attire "White Tron" whereas the Japanese version it's "Lab Coat Tron".  The latter is more accurate. In the same way,  "Gate" is called "Gate Nightmare" in the Japanese version.

The Mad Scientist gacha capsule and stage event begins this Wednesday through March 15. What do you think?


  1. Won't be the same without Keiji Fujiwara voicing him, but should be good.

  2. X6 was one of my first Mega Man games and since English is not my main language, I had no idea what was going on. But I was sure of one thing, I liked Gate. His design, his theme and his voice were all cool to me. When X was holding him at the end I thought "perhaps he is going to appear later and be a playable character!". But he was thrown into oblivion.

    I don't play X Dive, too much multiplayer stuff for my taste, but this makes my happy anyway.

  3. YES, this is a character I really wanted.

  4. I think Gate is the first non-Iris, non-original character to get new voice clips.

    1. I don't think so. The voice clips I heard come from the original X6 game: not just the attack calls from the battle itself, but also cutscene dialogue as well.

  5. Finally, Gate is back.

    Now, Berkana wen?

  6. Glad to see both characters. As for the names...we don't expect to see standard Gate, so that passes. Tron is just weird, though. Like, it's not a White Day outfit, but suggesting it is helps clue players in that she's limited. Why is she limited, then? Don't know. It's weird.

    A bit disappointed that the ZXA boss is a weapon inspiration. For a moment there, I thought the game was getting a non-Sigma raid boss.

  7. Nice up-skirt there, Tron.

    I have a serious question. Why bother having character and weapon ranks when they just keep making every single new addition S-Rank? Seriously, I just counted. Including this content, 81% of the roster is S-Rank while 66% of the weapons are S-Rank. I think Syndrome from The Incredibles said it best:

    "And when everyone's super… no one will be."

    1. Quit trying to apply logic to an illogical world, you radical thinker you. 🤯

    2. Unfortunately it's how most gachas are. Most of them are WORSE than X DiVE is. Especially because some of the B and A ranks are great! Massimo is still useful.

    3. Finally we get Gate! I still kind of wish some characters got to "float", like Bass.EXE, Absolute Zero, Ultimate Armor X (CM), but oh well. Slow and steady we get more X characters. Hopefully we'll get Spider, Berkana, or Red soon.


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