Sunday, February 13, 2022

Mega Man X DiVE's Half Year Anniversary Brings Daily Free Pulls

This week, the Global Version of Mega Man X DiVE is celebrating its "Half Year Anniversary". It's been six month since the North American server went online on August 2021. What's more, the European and LATAM servers are celebrating their 100-day anniversaries as well. To commemorate these milestones, the development team prepared something special for players.

Find all the details after the break!

As the game enters the second week of the Valentine's Day event, the Harpuia capsule sneaks it, bringing a daily free 10-pulls!

Harpuia's active skills are Triple Slash, an attack that swings both sabers to launch three energy waves, and Sonic Boom, a forward dash attack that damages all targets in its path.

The weapon that comes with Harpuia's capsule is the Falcon Ballista; a shotgun-type weapon based on Terra Condor's design from Mega Man Star Force 2.

To celebrate the Half Year Anniversary and the 100-day Anniversary respectively, all servers are getting a special "S&A Only" capsule for a week. Players can pull three times from this capsule with their free EM (Non-paid), afterwards the capsule can only be activated with paid EM.

This is a great opportunity to increase your character and weapon patch reserves, seize this opportunity!


  1. Nebulajoi really knows how to treat wll the playerbase, unlike Taicom in terms of free stuff... it's really a shame that taicom decides to open their own NA servers on steam version instead off giving that responsability to nebulajoy.

    1. I've been playing Taiwan version for nearly a year and they've always seemed really generous with free stuff to me.

    2. But they literally just gave us two weeks of 2 10 pulls free every day???

    3. Having played both since launch, I agree with kysan, Nebula is a lot more generous with the free stuff. It's not all that noticeable, DiVE's economy is not a friendly one regardless, but I definitely see rare memories and special crates in the monthly/daily bonuses more often. I do not recall Taiwan ever putting S rank character memories into their monthly bonuses; NebulaJoy is currently giving Leviathan. Their dailies have an extra 160 EP and they have yet to take down the ability to purchase card exp with zenny, something Taiwan removed a long time ago. It's also not uncommon for NJ to drop the spark requirement to 200 points as opposed to the usual 250. And yeah, they give free 10 pulls somewhat often. In their first year I only remember Taiwan doing that twice.

      In all fairness to Taiwan, though, NebulaJoy lacks the "Current Event" tab, so they lose the Jacob/Level Up bonuses and the occasional roulette that Taiwan runs.


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