Sunday, February 6, 2022

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Mega Man X DiVE

Starting this Wednesday and for the next two weeks, the Global Version of Mega Man X DiVE will celebrate its first Valentine's Day event in every server

The event brings the limited characters Valentines Day Iris and Valentines Day Ciel to the game, and the "Colonel's Valentine Challenge" event stage will let you fight Colonel (he'll become a playable character later). 

You can find the characters skills set and other info after the break!

Heart Beam

Shoot a huge beam forward, inflicting 66.67% attack damage to targets within range.      

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Explosive Feelings: Range is reduced by 40%, damage rate is increased by 10%.
  • Heart Racing: Damage register accelerated by 20%.


Valentine's Gift

Spawn several chocolates that orbit around you. The chocolates can withstand 129.86% of damage and continuously deal 63.75% damage to targets that come in contact with them.

  • White Chocolate: Applies damage weakened on hit, reducing the target's attack damage by 5.31% and can be stacked up to 4 stacks.
  • Dark Chocolate: Cause the target you hit to be unable to use any skill. This skill can only be used again after 2 seconds.
  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.

Passive Skills

Mobility: Reduce preparation time for Heart Beam by 20%.

The Most Popular: Accelerate the damage register for Valentine's Gift by 20%.

Hit of Love: Chance to render the target immobile after hitting with Heart Beam.

Iris' Thoughts: When HP is 75% or higher, reduce damage taken by 25%.

Enjoy Together: When HP is below 75%, recover 30% HP. This effect can only be triggered again after 45 seconds.

Chocolate Cyber-elf

Direct the cyber-elf to fly at the target with chocolate, inflicting damage up to 200%.

  • Flight Assistance Device: Range and flight speed increased by 10%.
  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Live to deliver: The skill becomes target-seeking.

Auto Chocolate Factory

Deploy a factory that automatically spawns chocolate and gives enhanced defense when replenishin, chocolate cyber-elves near the factory.

  • DEF Amplification: Increases the effect of DEF enhancement by 20%.
  • Energy Invigoration: Reduce the interval of chocolate replenishment by 20%.
  • Preparing for Confession: When you use the skill, force targets within range to move in front of you and render them unable to use a weapon. This skill only works on players.

Passive Skills

Player Sentinel: When you are attacked by a player, reduce the damage you take by 10%.

None for You: When attacked, there's a chance to summon a cyber-elf by your side. The cyber-elf will automatically lock on to enemy and provide support fire. It will disappear either after making attacks or 5 seconds. *This skill is a summon.

Hit of Love: There's a chance for the chocolate cyber-elf to cause slow on the target, rendering it immobile.

Ciel's Thoughts: When you use Auto Chocolate Factory, gain a shield of invincibility that protects you from all types of damage.

I Said None For You!: Increase the damage multiplier and number of attacks for the cyber-elf summoned when attacked by 20%.

During the duration of the Valentine's Day event players will be able to buy the following packs from the store:

Valentine Pack ($2.99 - Players can buy two packs a day) 

  • 143 EM (Free) 
  • 143 EM (Paid) 
  • 143,000 Zenny

Valentine Pack 2  ($29.99 - Players can buy two packs in total)

  • 1430 paid EM
  • 1430 free EM
  • 1,430,000 Zenny
  • 1 Zero Card Pack
  • 43 Premium Gift Boxes

When it comes to the Spring Chest of Good Fortune, the Bass.EXE and Premium types will be included in the 14 day Valentine's Day login bonus. Keep your eyes peeled to the Premium chest because it gives you a 10% chance to get Leviathan, Tron Bonne or Bass.EXE!

And that's all for the next two weeks. Have a happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Valentine's Iris was a sore spot for me on the Taiwan server. Game was kicking out Ciels and heart sprays like no tomorrow but I wound up spending an uncomfortable amount of money to spark Iris (did not help that this immediately followed a swimsuit redux and Absolute Zero, who at the time I did not realize was a pretty lackluster DiVE character). This time, however, I'm ready, with 29k metals.


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