Monday, July 26, 2021

Pallette Joins Rockman X DiVE's Summer Treasure Hunt, Brings Free Gacha Draws

Pallette was teased during the Summer Treasure Hunt stage a short while ago. Now, she's coming to the game this Wednesday. Her arrival completes the swimsuit trio from Mega Man X Legacy Collection's "X-Challenge mode"!

Find all the details after the break!

Her first active skill is Bouncy Water Gun which fires a water gun at the target. The water gun will penetrate all targets and rebound when it comes in contact with the landscape.

Her second active skill is Ice Cream Missile which fires three tracking missiles at the target. When casting this skill, a portion of her HP will be recovered.

Swimsuit Pallette will share the capsule with the Bubble Bomber launcher, available this Wednesday through August 4th. Just like the Swimsuit Iris capsule, this capsule has a free 10 draw everyday for the duration of the capsule.

And that's a wrap for this year's summer event. What's coming next? Stay tuned!


  1. I'm not terribly excited for Pallette, but it's about darn time we saw free draws on a current banner again. I think that Iris may very well be the last time they did that; this game is extremely stingy for how low the pull odds are (lots of fun otherwise).

    1. I think last timr they dod that was for Halloween Aile.
      Basically, i think they do that only when there's a 3rd character added on the 2nd week of a seasonal event (that is, not for collab events)

  2. Aww! Look at you, Pallette! You look great!

    … except for those awful sandals that expose your Barbie doll-like feet… Geez.

    1. They are supposed to be shoes not sandals,which All swimsuited gals wear in this game. Thought I Wish they Did wear sandals,be more appropriate.

    2. Ooh. You're right. Those are shoes. High heels with a strap across the top. That's wildly inappropriate – especially for a girl of her apparent age.

      Someone, get the IARC back on the phone~!

  3. So far, in terms of Swimsuit characters, I have Roll, Layer, Iris and now Palette. I wonder what next year's Swimsuit characters will be?(fingers crossed for Swimsuit Sigma)


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