Thursday, August 13, 2020

"Swimsuit Iris" Joins Rockman X DiVE's Summer Amusement Park

The final character with a summer-themed outfit has arrived: Iris. She will be joining Alia, Layer and Roll to enjoy the final week of the Summer Amusement Park event. Find all the details after the break!

First let's start with her "skills trailer" and all the info about her active skills, chips and passive skills. You will notice that the first active skill shown in the trailer is called "Water Shield". That's actually an error on behalf of the development team. The skill is actually called " Core Crystal".

Beach Ball

Hurl a beach ball at the target to deal 96% damage. The ball will penetrate all targets along its path and after penetrating, damage will become 25%. The ball will rebound once when it comes into contact with the landscape.

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • One Shot to Victory: Reduce your remaining amount of Beach Ball you have to one, but the shot is capable of dealing massive damage to its target.
  • Eyes on Me Only: When the skill hits a target, the target will be locked on and if it is hit by Beach Ball once more, it will deal an additional 36%.

Core Crystal

Summon a core crystal to your side. The core crystal will automatically shoot out water jet in front of Iris and deal damage continuously to all targets in range. The water jet will disappear after 6 seconds.

  • High-Pressure Water Jet: Damage register accelerated by 20%.
  • Water Spray: Increase Range by 25%.
  • Quick Charge: Reduce preparation time by 20%.

Passive Skills

Harden: Increase damage of the Beach Ball by 40% after penetration.

Cute Bathing Suit: When the weapon hits, it will weaken the target’s attack damage and reduce damage dealt by 3.33% can be stacked up to 6 stacks.

I won't lose…: When you hit a target with critical enhance, you will gain a shield that is capable of negating 75% of damage dealt to you.

Bouncy Ball: Increase the range and flight speed of Beach Ball by 40%; the ball will now bounce 3 times after it comes in contact with landscape.

Double Water Jets: When you summon a core crystal, an additional core crystal will appear under the target and unleash a water jet that shoots upward, causing damage to targets in range. The water jets will disappear after 3 seconds.

Iris will be available through today and until August 20 at 15:59 (UTC +8). This banner coincides with the Aqua Buster again, and it will let us draw a free 10 draw each day for the next 8 days.

Milestones and daily missions have been added to the "Summer Vacation for Lord of Snowy Plain" event. They included challenges like complete all difficulty levels of the event stage, play co-op 3 times every day, accumulate event points, conduct research and so on.

New levels have been added to the Jakob Orbital Elevator. Levels 41 to 45  for the normal and hard difficulties and  Levels 31 to 35 for the challenge mode. Nothing particularly interesting here, a fight against a double Goliath on level 45 with 75 lifebars each on the hard difficulty, not as hard as it sounds!

By finishing chapters 8, 9 and 10 of the story mode again we can get a nice haul of "Weapon EXP Programs" and "Weapon Memory Supply Boxes". Don't forget to complete all the stages before August 20 without using the DiVE function.

The weapons Crimson Scythe, Doom Blade, Elite Lance and Standard Saber have received some adjustments to the energy recharge system and Second Armor X skill "Double Charged Shot" bug has been fixed.

The following memories have been added to the store (Element Metal Purchase):

  • Massimo Memory
  • Alia Memory
  • Vile Memory
  • Triangular Saber Memory
  • Elite Lance Memory
  • Heavy Blaster Memory

And lastly "Swimsuit Iris" has a skin that can be bought for 200 EM after you obtained her in the gacha.

This is likely the end of the Summer Carnival; no more swimsuit characters will be released for the remaining weeks of August. The next time we see a new character appearing in the gacha will be a totally new character. One way or another, The Deep Log is always exciting!

All in all, I think it has been a pretty good event. Very generous, too, if you ask me. It started with the Vigor Coins that allowed us to purchase two S Rank characters for free. Today they delivered  5000 "Proficient Memory Cards"everyone's in-game e-mail, eight free 10 draws from the "Swimsuit Iris" gacha banner, and the usual rewards for participating in social media/in-game events.

Let's us know what you thought about the Summer Carnival event and what you hope to see next year!!


  1. Putting aside Next Year, i wonder what the next event will be. I don't see any seasonal event before Halloween, so maybe another Mega Man serie will be added in september. ZX? EXE?

  2. Next year?
    A scuba diving suit Leviathan.
    Not a swimsuit, A diving suit.
    It would make no sense...
    That would be kinda funny.

    1. That would be ridiculous, but awesome.

  3. The event was good. The only gripe I have with it is that Iris,Alia,and Layer wore those stupid shoes instead of,the more appropriate,sandals. Hopefully they'll fix that minor issue next year. I'm also not much of a fan of Layer's new bikini.

    Anyway,Rockman X Dive is turning out to be a great game and I can't wait to see who they'll add next. Maybe Ruby-Spears Mega Man and Roll can have a shot.

    1. Ok, "Minor Issue" was a bit strong of a word and I should've chosen my wording more carefully. I can be a bit wreckless sometimes. Apologies if I've annoyed the community. That was never my intention.

    2. Maybe it was a decision based on character models retaining the same height as their standard thick-booted character models? Plus from a design perspective, they could make the high heels a bit more robotic to make up for the amount of, uh, human characteristics they designed for the rest of the body.

  4. Awesome swimsuit and skin. Thank you Capcom Taiwan!

  5. What I want from next year: A REAL Mega Man Game. Preferably X9, but it shouldn't take this long to announce that.

    1. I'm starting to think they are waiting to launch the next game on the nex-gen consoles. They don't *have* to, since nothing in a MM game would require it, but it would'nt be a surprising strategy on Capcom's part.
      If that's the case, it's going to be a few months before we hear about it.

  6. What for next year?
    I know many have thought about giving swimwears to the guys.
    But while the fangirl in me would want to see a shirtless humanoïd Zero, we have clearly seen the schematics for X and Zero on occasions, confirming that the "armor" is their actual bodies (which makes sense at least in Zero's case: If dr. Wily created him to be a killing machine, why put a human form where he could put more machinery?). So the nitpicky fangirl in me would nitpick.
    Of course it's not like the alts are meant as confirlation that the navigator have anything under the armored parts rather than just "what if" alternates, but still.
    Axl on the other hand... So a swimwear Axl. The boi is popular with female fans anyway.
    We can get X in a suit for Valentine day, or something.

    1. Let's not forget Dr. Wily was also a huge weeb who created many Japanese themed robot masters despite being an American. He even created Woodman, a combat robot coated with expensive, burnable cypress woods. This old man never cared about logic that much.
      I've purchased some Megaman X action figures before, those showed that X and Zero definitely have some kind of close-to-human-skin under armours. So it does kind of make sense for them to have such features.
      I'm more curious about what kind of hairstyle they're gonna give to X, probably something similar to the original Megaman or Legends Megaman?

  7. Zero gets all the girls.

  8. So after seeing some footage, I gotta say those might be the most aggressive and most magical seagulls I've ever seen. Though the giggle she does after she acquires her swimwear is either really kawaii or somewhat creepy.

    Also, I like the reference to her boss fight.

  9. What happened to that worse outfit

  10. My take:
    -Beware of Seagulls!
    -Her Core Crystal is OP!
    -Free gacha!
    -What was Zero fighting for? Swimsuit Iris, Swimsuit Layer, or daily free gacha?
    -And (finally) got lucky on gacha as I got both Swim Iris and Aqua Buster in the first try.


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