Monday, July 12, 2021

SDCC 2021 Exclusive Mega Man Solar Blaze Bobblehead Revealed

Earlier today, Icon Heroes unveiled a slate of San Diego Comic-Con 2021 exclusive collectibles. Among them is an 8.5-inch, officially-licensed Mega Man bobblehead. It's based on Solar Man's special weapon from Mega Man 10, no less.

Pre-orders are anticipated to open on Monday, July 19th at 10am PST from Icon Heroes' website. You can bookmark that here. If you like what you see above, you can check out the previously-released Mega Man bobbleheads - and other licensed goods - here

Source: Icon Heroes


  1. Its not an action figure or a model kit but at least we got something at sdcc.

    1. (Same anon)
      Now say they had Sage Harpuia, Vile, Prometheus, Pandora, or Zero and we would be in business... businessy business.

  2. I might just get the blue one :D I need a megaman bobble head!

  3. I wish they would make a bobblehead inspired by an official Mega Man design, like something from MM11 or the art from the classic games. It's very obvious this one is based off of the creepy death stare Smash design.


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