Monday, July 19, 2021

Rockman X DiVE - Let the Summer Treasure Hunt Begins!

Following last week's rerun of the 2020 summer event stage and gacha characters, we have a brand-new summer event starting this week! The Summer Swimsuit Vacation 2021 capsule includes Swimsuit TronSwimsuit Ferham and the weapon Bubble Bomber.

Find all the details after the break!

Swimsuit Ferham's first active skill is Chain Trap. It's a trap placed in the ground that deals damage to targets within range. The trap can't be seen by another player and, when sprung, disables them.

Her second active skill is Storm Whip, a powerful area attack. When used against a player inflicted with disabled status, they will be pulled towards Ferham.

Swimsuit Tron's first active skill is Sand Sculpture B. It's a sculpture placed in the ground that launches missiles. Players hit by these missiles will be unable to use their skills when jumping.

Her second active skill is Sand Sculpture J which releases a sculpture that damages all targets along its path. There's a chance it will inflict "defocus"

In addition to the Swimsuit characters, the gacha banner also brings the launcher Bubble Bomber based on Mega Man X6's Infinity Mijinion. The boss for this year's summer event is "Summer Mammoth."

Last year we had a third "swimsuit" character in the second week of the event and a free 10 draw each day. Will the same happen this year? Stay tuned!


  1. Mega Man: The Hunt for a Better Game!
    Coming soon to a mobile device near you.

  2. I'm disappointed we didn't get anything related to X7 here. Why did they even celebrate its anniversary while not celebrating the other, more beloved titles and series? Like, there was BN and ZX anniversaries, why didn't these get celebrated?
    Also I'm disappointed there were no boys here. We're going to get another month and a half of only female characters debuting, right?..

    I like new Fehram and Tron. They are cool and cute (Tron especially. I wan her so much!)

  3. Damn Shoes Again? Sandals would be Way Better and Way more Appropriate for Swimsuits. Capcom is so stupid sometimes.

  4. I thought the bubble bomber was based on Toxic Seahorse?

  5. Aww. No Swimsuit Sigma? What a pity.

    1. I'll be honest? I'd be down to see ol' Siggy in a cool pair of green trunks with his logo on the sides, or something. And a big pool noodle for a weapon. Gotta be that.

      But, no swim briefs and a rubber cap. Please… please… no swim briefs.

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  7. I was hoping to see a new character like Splash Woman or Roll.EXE debut, but I guess more variants is fine.

  8. "See now, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! 'Modestly-hot Tron Bonne!'"

    Seriously though, that is a super-cute swimsuit. And it doesn't "fetishize" the character, either. It's just cute, attractive, and functional. This gets my Seal of Approval™!

    Don't get me started on whip-girl's outfit, though… Hatchi-matchi.

  9. I always love Summer events and characters in gacha games, one of my favorite parts of them. I had a feeling Fehram might show up but I didn't expect Tron! I just hope Global doesn't have to wait a year (or more) for them!


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