Saturday, August 1, 2020

Kotobukiya Rockman X 4th Armor Release Date Announced and Other News

Kotobukiya's "Rockman X Model Kit Talk Live Ver.1.5" live stream finished a few hours ago and while no new model kits where shown, per se, we did get to see the finished Rockman X 4th Armor kit among other things. All the info after the break!

First off, we'd like to apologize for the image quality. They are screencaps from a 720p stream. Fear not, though; we will see proper images of the kit on Monday.

4th Armor X will be released on January 2021. Pre-orders will open next Monday at 11:00 JST. No price was shared  nor any info about additional parts and effects beyond the charge shot shown in the images above and the effect for the Plasma shot that will come with the Rising Fire version of the model kit.

Thanks to the talk show, we also got our first glance at the Zero and Nightmare Zero box art drawn by Keisuke Mizuno. If you want to grab the smartphone wallpaper versions, head over to Rockman Unity and Kotobukiya's Twitter accounts.

When we first reported about this talk show we were shown a mysterious, pixelated design posted by Ucchy-san on the Rockman Unity blog. Turns out it was a custom design done by a Capcom employee with no significance whatsoever to Kotobukiya's model kit line. It was made just for fun.

If you want to see a few more designs and modifications of existing model kits by Capcom employees, you can do so by watching the archive of the talk show. You can also see the 4th armor model kit in the hands of the presenters, too.

Lastly, they also showed the store posters they will be using to promote the model kit. They are running a giveaway of previous model kits store posters on Twitter but it's something aimed to Japanese fans.

The next "Rockman X Model Kit Talk Live ver.2.0" will be held in November. Perhaps we will find out about a brand-new model kit then? By that time, both Zero model kits will be out and the Rising Fire model kit will be coming out that same month, too.

Come back on Monday for high quality images of the 4th armor model kit and more details! What do you think about the kit and the art for box art for Zero and Nightmare Zero?


  1. I'll keep it simple. Very disappointed.

  2. The box art is glorious.

    Also, the stream showed a Plasma Shot. I couldn't tell what they were saying, though. Were they saying that that was gonna come with the normal Fourth Armor or is it a bonus with the Rising Fire version?

    1. I couldn't understand either, but judging from what they have done with every other effect part: it will probably come with a different kit so that you have to buy multiple kits to have the "correct" effect parts. That's part of the reason I am not supporting Kotobukiya anymore with this line; they're splitting-up parts between kits so that people buy multiple kits.

      Advertising the Hyper Chip armor with the Z Saber -- which they did heavily -- but only including it with the Max Armor was a slimy move.

    2. Splitting the parts is getting frustrating.
      I always liked my fourth armor with black arms. But they want me to buy the Rising Fire variant to get them.
      Which means I would need 2 forth armors and 2 rising fire if I wanted to display white or black arms on both.
      Nonsense, really. Basically 70 dollars for two 5 dollar runners.

      I'll buy ONE forth armor. I am on the fence on the Rising Fire variant of it.

  3. I wish they'd release more Mavericks to pose with the all the x armors I have. Between D-artd and Kotobukiya I have 5 versions of x and only 2 villains...

    1. FiguartsZERO Sigma is being reissued this month, FYI.

      Not sure if that counts as one of your two villians, or if you were counting Nightmare Zero here, but (even though it's not articulted) it's a really great figure.

    2. I want a re-release of Vile, personally. I already have Sigma but was under the impression practically nobody cares about him.

  4. Mega Man X makes any armor, no matter how old, look cool.

  5. My F****** LORD Keisuke is good at drawing Mega Man!

  6. Replies
    1. That wasn't a tease. That was a custom mod.

    2. Even if it was a tease, and Kotobukiya intends to release a Falcon Armor kit in the future: I'd personally prefer to pay the extra $40-$50 and get the finished, partially die-cast, light-up Sentinel version.

      I might be more excited about these kits if they were half the price, but I've realized after building several that they're just not worth what Kotobukiya is asking.

  7. I love models, and I love Mega Man, but I'm going to pass on these because I don't love Kotobukiya.

    The best thing to come out of all this is the box and poster art, because Keisuke Mizuno is brilliant.

  8. I was looking at the posting at the ToyArk news site for this.

    There were some shots of 4th Armor with Zero. I can't tell, for sure, but it looks like they fixed Zero's narrow face. Or it's a trick of the camera. I can't tell. But at least that looks a little better. I still hate the hair, but that's much better. I feel better about buying one now.

    I wonder why they always forget about Zero's silver collar? I know it isn't in all the artwork. Guess I'll try making a few mod parts for this one too. I wanna take a stab at re-doing Zero's hair tie and maybe the collar.


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