Friday, August 30, 2019

Rockman X DiVE - Closed Beta Test Code Delivery & Download Time Announced

Many of you have been asking when are the Closed Beta Test codes going to be delivered and when we will be able to download it. The Rockman X DiVE development team answered those questions today via and update published on the Official Facebook Page. A small F.A.Q with almost all the answers you want after the break!

Q: How to download the CBT app and log in?

A: We will send e-mails to CBT participants within Sep. 3rd - Sep. 8th (GMT+8) including:
  1. Password which is exclusive to the Gmail you used to sign up for CBT.
  2. You could download the app for CBT on Google Play Store since Sep. 10th (GMT+8).
Q: Why didn’t I receive the e-mail?
  1. Please check first if it was classified as SPAM.
  2. E-mails will be successively sent that each participant might receive at different time. If you wouldn’t receive any from us by Sep. 9th (GMT+8), please go to CBT Event Site for resending your password.
  3. “Resend Password” function will be opened on CBT Event Site after Sep. 9 16:00 (GMT+8).
Q: When will CBT get started?

A: Sep. 12th ,2019 at 10:00 - Sep. 16th ,2019 at 10:00 (GMT+8)

So there you go, now everything is clear and the only thing left to answer is the minimum requirements to play the game on your phone or tablet. As you can see above the codes will be sent between September 3rd and September 8th. If you don't get your code right away, be patient; they have to send a massive amount of codes and that takes time.

If you didn't register yet, you can do it from here.

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